8 Tips on How to Fix a Relationship with a Clingy Girlfriend

8 Tips on How to Fix a Relationship with a Clingy Girlfriend

You’ve used your techniques for how to seduce women and you found a girlfriend, but she is pretty clingy. That can get annoying pretty fast. No man wants to have a woman calling him constantly and accounting for every minute of his time. Instead of getting angry and breaking up, use these 8 simple tips on how to fix your relationship.

1. Actions Speak Louder than Words

Clingy behavior is often a result of insecurity. Insecurities come from all sorts of dark places, past relationships or past hurts. Remind her that she is the center of your world. Tell her how you feel, with a spontaneous text or email.

2. Don’t Just Say It, Do it!

If you say you are going to call, text or meet her, do it. Nothing sparks fear and distrust quicker in a clingy girlfriend than not following up.

3. Limit Phone Time

You don’t always have to answer the phone, especially if you are in the middle of something, or at work. Do return the call. If you are the one making the calls, it’s easier to be the one to end the call. Don’t go on for hours, set a limit.

4. Make a Date Night

If you have a clingy girlfriend, she might want to go out every night. Establish a pattern of going out once or twice a week. Remind her that because of work or school commitments, you can’t go out every night. When you do go out, think about how to seduce women, then use these skills to make it special.

5. She Has a Life

Encourage your girlfriend to go out with her friends. A great way how to fix your relationship is to remember who she was when you met. If she had a book club or weekly drinks date with girlfriends, she should still do that. Then you can get together afterwards and talk about it.

6. You Have a Life

Just like you want her to go out with her friends, you reserve the right to hang out with your friends. Remind her that you are not heading out to seduce women, you just need a little guy talk.

7. Keep the Connection Alive

When you are out together, keep that invisible electric line between you. You don’t have to constantly be touching or stand there with your tongue down her throat in front of everyone! Walk into the room with your hand on her back. Remember your lessons on how to seduce women. Catch and hold her gaze from across the room. Give her a special knowing wink. This contact will remind a clingy girlfriend that there is a strong connection.

8. Pay Attention

A girlfriend knows if you want to seduce women at adultfrienedfinder. They see your eyes, and they can tell by your body language. If you feel your eyes wandering a bit, make sure they are wandering on her. Notice her outfit, her hair, her eyes, and then say something. Small compliments go a long way.

Do you have a clingy girlfriend and you want to know how to fix your relationship? These 8 tips should help you remind your girlfriend that you love her, and she is the center of your world, but you are both individuals who need a little space. Let her know with actions and words that space doesn’t mean a break up. Space is a time to gather some experiences that you can share when you are back together. Give her the right amount of attention, and you will be able to Seduce Women Like a King!

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