Are You Too Busy To Date

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Are You Too Busy To Date

nterestingly enough, a question that I get asked quite often is, “Marius, what if I am too busy to date?”

Well…if this question has popped into your mind before, then I’ll have the ask you the following question,

“Are you really too busy, or is it just an excuse?”

Life is all about priorities. If you want something badly enough, you WILL find time for it, even if you’re working two full time jobs or going to medical school.

If you cannot make time for something, it just means you don’t want it bad enough.

If you really, really want something, you will be able to make time for it, period.

You will learn to waste less time (even a few minutes a day), re-arrange your priorities (talk to women on adultfrienedfinder instead of playing computer games), and “make time” for the girl you like.

Not so long ago, I worked with a medical student who claimed he was too busy to date.

But guess what?

It turned out it was just an excuse. He could afford to play video games and watch television every week.

But yet he was “too busy” to go out and expand his social circle.

Figure that one out.

Here’s my advice: If you don’t want a girlfriend “badly enough” to re-arrange your priorities and make more time than your social life, then admit it.

But don’t give yourself an excuse and say you’re “too busy”.

What you spend your time on is a CHOICE that you can make for yourself.

Everybody only has 24 hours a day. It’s how you CHOOSE to use your hours in a productive manner that make you success or fail in a particular area – be it work, school, business, or dating.

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