Better sex strategies

Better sex strategies

Proper Motivation

The final area you need to master is the proper motivation. You need to decide if you personally want to put the required work in to becoming a sexual master. Like most things in life worth having you need to become dedication and motivation to become the best sexually. Becoming a sex master does require effort therefore the proper motivation is required. I’m not going bull-shit you by telling you that becoming a sex master requires no effort. It does require proper self motivation. You need to decide how motivated you really are.

Better sex strategies

Understand and master all four and you have complete mastery. I is not essential for everyone to become sexual masters. The article just outlines the requirements. Most people just need a good understanding of the four core areas and that’s enough to really boost their sex lives on adultfriendrfinder.  Our products and workshops are designed to help you on your path.

SEX TIP:  Phone sex tutorials

Want to know how to make her wild during phone sex. Think about the following things to help you also: Which of her skills or attributes turn you on. How do they make you feel. How are you feeling right now. What do you want to happen to her or you. What your going to do to her. What she is going to do to you. Think about things like foreplay, oral, anal, the use of toys, different positions, fantasies and desires.  Watching adult films and read erotic books for inspiration if needed. For a much more detailed look into arousing the mind through an understanding of sexual psychology check out our workshops or products.

SEX FACT: Vaginal Depth

Using the latest medical imaging techniques – MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), scientists have discovered that the walls of the vagina lengthen by as much as 75 per cent when aroused and during intercourse using best thrusting vibrator.

SEX TIP: Anal sex tutorials in three parts

If you are interested in learning how to perform anal sex and advanced sex check out the audio sex course link above.  On that page we have audio’s to download on: How to become a sexual master, The benefits of sexual mastery, How to give her anal orgasms, Mastering Sexual Performance and other sex tricks to try. The audio’s are recorded by various instructors here at masteryoursexlife from both male and female perspectives. 

SEX FACT: The point of no return

As a man approaches orgasm, he reaches a point of no return (PONR). This is sometimes refereed to in medical terms as “Ejaculatory Inevitability”. The is the stage when even with the removal or stimulation an man can not stop himself for ejaculating. A women, however, can be distracted from her orgasm right up to the last minute. 

SEX TIP: Sex tutorials video

If you want to see movies and videos then there are lots of them on this site. If you click on the free stuff link you will see a number of movies showing live workshop sessions and other sex tricks tips. There is also the sex blog. There are many videos on threesomes, foursomes, sex tips and seduction for men.

If you have any more questions related sex techniques then please do not hesitate to contact use my phone, email or the contact us form. See the contact us link for more details.

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