Date Ideas

Date Ideas

You have a hot date this week and to boot it’s your first one with this lovely hottie. You are doing your best to try and get ready for it – what with figuring out what clothes to wear, what scent to use, etc. – it can become very stressful, very fast. Here is a bit of teen dating advice for you. As important as all of that is, it pales in comparison to what you have planned out for your date. We all know the saying, “Actions speak louder than words”… well it’s definitely true in this case. So, in an effort to equip all you males seeking teen dating advice for the perfect idea for a date, I have come up with a list of some things to do that are sure to impress your date!


Stargazing can be a fantastic first date! What can be more romantic than having beautiful surroundings, pure solitude, and the warmth of each other as you lie together in the darkness staring at the vast sky. Now let’s mix in some holding of hands, cocoa or hot cider, a little bit of dark chocolate, and possibly a fire and bam… a recipe that is sure to have the intimacy factor go through the roof. Aside from the fact that you will be physically next to each other, stargazing is a fantastic opportunity to make conversation and get to know one another. There’s something magical about the wide open sky, and the thousands of stars looking down on you that create a mood of reflection and reverie.

The only downside to stargazing is for those of you who live in a major city as you will be dealing with light pollution. My suggestion for those of you living in a highly populated area is to try and get a few miles outside of the town. By doing so you should increase your stargazing experience tenfold. I would suggest using the following light pollution map or use google to find a map.

If you know of a park that is nearby, call the office and speak to whoever is on call. Inform them of what you are planning. The person at the front desk can usually be a great source of information and can possibly have suggestions as to the best place in the park to gaze. Don’t forget to find out about park hours and what costs are associated with the park, such as parking costs and entrance fee.

If you have no means to get away from the city, do not fret. You can turn stargazing into moon gazing. Make sure to bring a pair of binoculars so that you can really study the moon in detail. No matter what you choose, just remember that the key is to pick a place that will be quiet and secluded!

The best time to go and look at the stars typically occurs approximately an hour after sunset. Ideally, if you are going stargazing you will want to pick a night where the moon is as close to new or of course if you end up going moon gazing then you’ll want to find a night where the moon’s phase is closer to full. You can use the following moon phase webpage to find out the waning and waxing phases of the moon.

If you really want to impress your date, get acquainted with the history behind the constellations that you will be gazing along with the mythology that goes with them. Check out this star chart that should aid with finding some constellations.

A slick move that will be sure to get you some points is to pick out a star that isn’t part of the constellations and tell your date that you’d like to name it after her and that it can be her star. While she’ll probably view it as a little cheesy, rest assured that in the end you’ll definitely score some major points.

Be aware of the weather conditions and plan accordingly when it comes to clothes – make sure the apparel you bring is warm enough but not too warm that your date doesn’t want to snuggle.


Picnics can be great for a first date because the cost isn’t going to break your piggy bank and you can make it as casual or as romantic as you’d like. It’s also a great venue to show off your ability to coordinate and those handy sandwich-making skills that you’ve picked up!

With a picnic you don’t have to feel forced to make conversation the way you would at a crowded restaurant. Picnics tend to be much more relaxed as you sit outdoors  watching the world progress. You can lay out on a blanket and cloud watch or make idle chatter. As there’s no set routine you can head home if things aren’t working out as planned, however if you are clicking with your date then you can sit and lounge out for hours enjoying each other’s company.

Some teen dating advice on picking the best place to have your picnic. You’ll want to find a place with interesting scenery as they’ll help provide you with things to discuss as well as it’ll show your date that you actually put some thought into the date. A few choices I would recommend:

  • A hilltop or park where you can people watch: watch people fly kites, magicians, street performers, etc.
  • Botanical gardens
  • A place where you can get a view of the city skyline, a bridge, historic buildings or some other well known landmark
  • National or state park along a river or waterfall or in a forest clear… remember to pack light if you have a lot of hiking to do
  • Beach – it’s a great way to get her into something skimpy while getting to enjoy the sun, not to mention some other eye candy in case the date isn’t working out. Added bonus if you find a beach with a  fire pit – nothing better then a bonfire, marshmallows and a beautiful sunset.

While picnics tend to be suited more toward the warmer months, don’t let it stop you from try it out during the cold. If done right, it can be just as beautiful.

  • Enjoy the season changing into autumn by going somewhere to experience the brilliant colors of fall. Make sure that you bring a waterproof blanket and a pair of warm clothes.
  • A picnic in the snow requires some warm clothes, a waterproof blanket, hot cider, hot cocoa, tea or coffee along with some hot soup. You can keep the warm food by keeping it in an insulated container. While you are out there, find a spot where you can try some sledding. If you don’t have a sled, build a snowman or have a snowball fight.

Now that we’ve gotten the where out of the way, let me offer a few suggestions as to what you should be thinking about when you bring the food.

  • Since mayo spoils quickly, keep it in a cooler and add it to your sandwiches or salad upon arriving at your picnic spot
  • Bring some frozen bottles of water with you and let them thaw on your way so as to not take up room in the cooler
  • Use Ziploc bags – they’ll help in keeping your food stay fresh
  • Put soft food in a hard container so that they don’t get squashed
  • If you’re bringing hot liquid, one trick for keeping it warm is to use an insulated container and then fill it with boiling water. Let it stand for a few minutes, empty and then put in whatever it is you want to keep hot. Close the container and voila, your container will keep warm for a while.

Here is a list of other things that you should consider bringing with you to the picnic:

  • Napkins
  • Plastic utensils and disposable plates/cups
  • Backpack or cooler for storate
  • Blanket
  • Condiments
  • Wet wipes
  • Plastic bag for trash
  • Bug spray (if you’re going into the woods especially)
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Frisbee
  • Pack of cards
  • Music
  • Bubbles

The list goes on and on but you should have a pretty good idea now of where to go and what to bring with you.  A lot of what was listed is not necessary for a good picnic, but remember to plan out some activities to do while at your picnic besides eating if things are going well.

Rock Climbing

Another great idea for those of you seeking teen dating advice is to go rock climbing for your date. This is geared more towards people who enjoy being active. While it’s easier if you’ve climbed before, it isn’t necessary, as many gyms offer private lessons where they’ll shows you all the in’s and out’s of proper climbing techniques and how to put on and use your equipment. They’ll also typically have several routes categorized as easy, intermediate and hard so you can see how far you progress in one day! This can really be a fun date if the both of you get into it and then try to figure out which routes are the best to use for the fastest climb.

Cooking Class

One final date idea for those seeking teen date advice ideas is to take a cooking class together. For the men who are reading this, know that women dig a guy who can cook and for the ladies reading this should know that the “way to man’s hear is through his stomach.” Either way it’s a great way to impress your date and to pick up some tips that’ll help you out for future dates.

While you can find all types of lessons, you should be seeking one that is hands-on as ones that are hands-off will be pretty boring for a first date. A hands on class really lets you get down and dirty – you’ll get to dice, chop, and cut your way through the incredients, you get to taste the dishes you make together, and it’s gives you something to talk about while hanging out.  The ideal class would be something in the 8 – 10 person range as it really makes for a hands on class, however anything with fewer than 30 people should be fine. Try to find a class that lasts around 2.5 to 3 hours.

One of the best ways to find classes is to go through the message boards of either Yelp or Chowhound as the foodies can really help with giving you top notch recommendations based on your location. If you can’t find any threads on the forum based on what you are looking for then take a few minutes to create an account and post your own question.

No matter which of these dating ideas you choose for girl you met on Adultfrienedfinder, you’ll be sure to impress your date. Just remember to put some thought into it and try to add your own creative little touch!

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