Day Game and the Addiction

Day Game and the Addiction

Pick up is an addiction.

For a long while I was obsessed with pickup and the art of seducing women. Now, some of my friends and those of you that witness the regular updates of this site might still see me as under the influence of that same said obsession with sarging, but there’s a difference in my mindset now. Admittedly, many hours in my day are still spent devoted to pick up in some variety but I do it now out of interest and a desire to help others, and not the blind egotistical fixation it once was.

But my story is another story and not the one being told today. Instead, I’d like to return to a subject I introduced in the recent ‘Bookstore game’ article, the wonderful world of day game. This is a big subject and I feel that some of you might roll your eyes or think it second rate to hooking up in club … admit it, in your quest to find out more about pickup you’ve read a disproportionately higher amount of material relating to ‘night game’. So … before we dive in, allow me to share a few thoughts with you.
Recently I’ve been pondering as to why this sarging malarkey is so goddamn addictive! I mean there are some obvious reasons, there’s the rush that you get when you begin to realise the power you can wield over individuals and a situation – something which is often to blame for bad attitudes in the PUA community. Then of course there’s the delight at the increased attainability of sex with good looking HBs at adultfrinendfinder. However, as much as this CAN be a good motivator, I’ve equally seen it lead to guys getting comfortable and not push themselves any further. How does this relate to day game? Just keep reading …

In fact, thinking about it, I’m sure there are many different influences and motivations at play that have equally different levels of effect for different individuals. But, and this is key, there is a more general set of rules that pervade everything we do, that are so potent that they grabs us deep within, grab us by our very fabric and keep us coming back for more that little bit more. Well, that’s not entirely true. The ‘rules’ I’m speaking of are social convention and it’s not them per se that are so entrancing. No no. What is magical about pick up is that it breaks so many of these social conventions that have previously held us back.

The rich guy gets the girl. To get a HB you have to be good looking. If you’re going to be successful in life you need to have the right connections. Nice guys finish last. And these are just the clichés that are passed around the community. Every minute of every day of our lives social convention dictates to us how we should behave in a particular situation.
Some of it is hardwired; popular examples of this often passed around in the community refer back to ‘when we were cavemen’ and ‘fighting in the pack’. I’m a little sceptical of this specificity but there are definite fight-flight responses that are innate in us all and very powerful. Then there are the norms that are dictated to us, both directly and indirectly from the day we’re born.

These all come together so that 95% of the interactions that we engage in follow a preordained pattern of “Hi, How are you … Yeah, not bad …. not much really … what about you? ….. that’s cool … and what did you do on the weekend? …. yea weather’s been shit …. cheers mate … ok, see you around … take care”. WOW. I mean really. When you read that it seems ridiculous but you KNOW it’s true. And what’s worse, of the other 5% comparatively more interesting interactions you have, these are mostly with the closest of your friends\family that you have strong, real and individual relationships with. Which is cool. But wouldn’t it be great if we could relate and react in a similar organic fashion with EVERYONE. And we do, sometimes. On rare occasions. And this amasses the grand 0.001% of interactions that occur miraculously ever so often which leads to that 4 year girlfriend who they think is the one until they get dumped or whatever …. sad really. When you think about it.

BUT WE HAVE NO NEED TO THINK LIKE THAT. Because, my friends, we know that these rules, these conventions and social norms and sticking points are all … a lie. Or at the very least a distraction. And THAT is why pick up is like a drug that you just keep coming back for. Pickup, is a bazooka resting in our grip so that we can blow open the door to an actual, real and personally driven lifestyle. It’s a breath of fresh air that lets you see the world in a more truthful way every day.
Ok Brad slow down … what the fuck are you talking about? So I’ve put up with you and read this far and you’ve still not done me the courtesy of relating this back to the original subject. Day Game. Ok, ok … here it is. So, a pickup artist gains attention and becomes attractive by operating outside of, or at the very least, on the edge of social convention (I’m not advocating you become a social deviant). So what are nightclubs, bars etc? They are the zones in which it has become the norm to hookup with the opposite sex, and as I’ve said night game is cool, but we don’t need to restrict ourselves to that. No. My friends, the future is day game.
Because cold approaches when the sun is up are the ultimate renegade move on the part of the PUA. You’re throwing convention to the wind, two set walking down the street on their lunch break. They’re talking, maybe one is on the phone, they’re busy … no approach is possible. Wrong! No approach is expected, do it right with the right calibration and you will instantly become monumentally attractive because of the level of confidence displayed in such a bold and out of the norm move.
The thing is though, it doesn’t really take any more confidence now does it? All it takes is the realisation that this seemingly unapproachable set is just as fair game as the rest. And once you realise and do this … the drug just gets that more addictive. More details on day game and techniques in the next article!

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