Do You Know The Most Important Step Of Dating?

Do You Know The Most Important Step Of Dating?

I want to talk to you about the importance of meeting women.


There are a lot of people out there who see my site and think:

“I only want DATING ADVICE, I don’t care about knowing how to meet women.”

Sometimes, I just shake my head at this.

See, most guys just don’t realize that the most important part of DATING is being able to MEET the kind of woman you want to date!

If you aren’t able to meet a woman, you’ll NEVER be able to date her!


So if you’re neglecting your ability to:

  • Overcome Approach Anxiety
  • Approach Groups Of Women
  • Meet Women In Any Location
  • Come In Under Her Radar

You are SERIOUSLY at a disadvantage in your love life at login!

Here’s what the average guys thinks about meeting women:

“I’ll just wait for her to be alone, then walk up and compliment her on her shoes, or something, and then buy her a drink. Then, I’ll see if I can get her number.”

That’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

1. Meeting women when they are with their friends is WAY easier than waiting for when they are alone!

This is because women with friends feel safe and relaxed, so their defenses aren’t up.

If you wait until she’s by herself to meet her, you’re walking into a situation where she’s going to be WAY more defensive than usual.

2. If you open her with some dumb compliment, she’s going to know you’re hitting on her.



If you want to meet a woman, you need to be different, and not come across as some lamer.

3. Buying a woman a drink is like pick-up suicide!

Women will plug you for free drinks all night long, and never talk to you again.

The purpose of approaching women is to transition into a DATE.

If you do the “May I buy you a drink” line, you might as well just say “Hey ladies, I’m a walking ATM for tonight!”

4. Going for the number is always a bad idea!

You should be going for RAPPORT.

You should be going for CONNECTIONS.

If you can get those, she’ll actually OFFER you her number!

And when that happens, a next meeting is actually going to happen!

Now, answer me this: Do you still think knowing how to approach is worthless?

It’s the first step.

The most important step.

And if you don’t know how to do it, you’re screwed.

So if you’re serious about getting good results with women FAST, you must click this link now:

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