Double Your Dating in Review

Double Your Dating in Review

Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo is perhaps one of the most popular dating and seduction books online today. Now even thought Double Your Dating is one of the biggest and well known dating and seduction books out there, how will it stack up when it goes through a Teddy Shabba review.

Upon ordering Double Your Dating you are given download instructions and Password to open your book make sure you write it down, because if you forget your password it might take 2 days before they email you another one.

Double Your Dating is broken into three parts:

  1. How to Think About Success with Women
  2. How to Communicate with Women
  3. Exactly What, When, and How

Part 1: How to Think About Success with Women

Wow, Mr. DeAngelo sure does read a lot of books and has related them to Universal Laws of Attraction that I would never have though of on my own.

He does a good job of challenging both common misconceptions that men may have with women and challenging beliefs that many men have that are not necessarily beneficial to men in a way that makes you think about it and grasp and use adultfrienedfinder app login it rather than just reading it.

He also gives the reader a lot of exercises to do in order to improve your mental game so make sure you have a notebook and pen to write with because David D does a very good job of making this an interactive experience.

Part 2: How to Communicate with Women

I think it is David D’s hope that you actually worked on and did the exercises in Part 1 before moving on to Part 2. Two main things he deals with are “Getting a Life” and “Body Language.”

It has always amazed me how every part of you conveys your reality to a person who is skilled at looking for it. Handwriting, Facial Expressions, Body Language, Voice Tone and Speech all have the ability to tell someone what you think and feel. As you begin doing the exercises from Part 1 you might find yourself already moving towards what he talks about in Part 2 and moving away from being Average to Extraordinary

Part 3: Exactly What, When, and How

Bravo David DeAngelo you cleaned up the mental house had a yard sale where you gave all unuseful thoughts and behaviors to the distant past and replaced the Present and Future with what you should find to be easy and useful strategies to meet and get those beautiful women that you desire.

In conclusion Double Your Dating is a steal and bargain at only .95. This would be an excellent resource for beginners to learn and master and use as a resource when ever you find yourself in a Dating Rut or Drought. Begin the process of improving your inner-game as well as your confidence and ability to attract women now.

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