Focused on meeting women during the day and build connections with women

Focused on meeting women during the day and build connections with women

Andy: Can you talk about that?

Lance: Yeah. It was an amazing event for me because we had a lot of really great products out there, I mean Fearless First Impressions, Charismatic Conversations, I mean, Zero Drama Dating was a great event and a great product. But we never really revealed the material I think we were best known for, which I think is the Real Rapport workshop.

And we were the first to go out there teaching DayGame and this was back, I think, in the beginning of 2005, we were taking guys out, really focused on meeting women during the day and building connections with women. That was a long time ago and we’ve really been perfecting it for years. But we’ve never released that kind of material in a big seminar event and I also learned a lot since I created the Art of Rapport.

And the thing is the Art of Rapport is most of it’s exercises and it’s very hands on and it was hard to go into the detail that I really wanted to go into, so this was my chance to really teach the material that I was really known for, was most proud of, had the most impact, but really teach it in the detail that I wanted to for the first time.

It was pretty unique material even for us and I think it’s unlike anything anyone else has ever taught. But the other cool thing about it is we’re able to incorporate a lot of things from the workshop, so. You know, you were at the event, a big part of the event was me explaining concepts, but an even bigger part of the event was exercises on adultfrinendfinder.

I mean, so I would do exercises with women, you know I would show guys exactly how it worked. I would bring guys up on the stage. I would do exercises with them so you could watch them transform and then you could see them, you know, actually perform these things and actually kind of connect with women, start conversation with women and even go on dates with women. And you get to kind of watch them grow.

It really, I think it’s great for guys because they really, ok now I know the whole path, I don’t, because a lot of times you just show a guy where he needs to go, but he doesn’t know the path to get there.

Andy: Right, right.

Lance: To be able to capture that whole thing, ok, here’s what you need to do, here’s what it looks like and here’s what it looks like when a guy moves across that path even in ten minutes here’s how he moves through that path and gets where he needs to go.

Andy: That was just a really cool thing starting from just doing the initial approach all the way through going on that first date. And taking every single step on that path with them. It was just really invaluable.

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