How Can you Be Sure She Is Attracted

How Can you Be Sure She Is Attracted

Last time, we talked about how important it is to capitalize on windows of escalation.

Today, we’re going in depth.

Specifically we’re talking about windows of escalation that happen before you even open your mouth.

That’s right. Women who are already interested in you before you even talk to them.

In addition to your active pick-up game, learning to capitalize on these “easy” opportunities can provide a nice supplemental stream of women your way.

And you’re not even required to do very much to attract them.

Here’s a question:

Have you ever been working somewhere, or maybe just hanging out, and a girl you really liked walked into the room?

And do you remember tensing up a bit, or becoming “hyper-aware” and a bit more reactive to the situation?

More careful with your words, careful about how you were coming across?

Guess what. It’s all completely normal.

Guess what else… People can sense this.

You see, when a person starts reacting to a situation or is careful about how they are perceived, they begin to transmit signals to everyone else around them.

And here’s the good news….

It happens to women when they are attracted also.

For example: If there is a waitress serving me, she might say something a bit out of place, or she might wait around a split second too long, or she may even act more shy when taking my order.

All of these are signs that she’s attracted. It may also show in her facial expressions, or in her body language. Her movements might become 5% more stiff when she’s around.

On a subway, if I sit down and there’s a girl across from me who has become suddenly *very* focused on reading her book (moreso than normal) that too can be a sign.

It is not any of these behaviors specifically that demonstrate attraction, rather it is her deviation from normal behavior.

It shows she has become “hyper-aware”.

These small signals may seem EXTREMELY subtle at first but rest assured – once you begin to notice them, they will start to stand out like a sore thumb and you will notice them also on login.

Start paying attention, and looking for these cues when you’re out in public. Eventually you will develop a keen awareness of it.

Once you can pinpoint with accuracy which women are attracted to you from the get go, all you gotta do is not mess up!

Just walk over in a relaxed fashion and make some small talk.

Remember – she’s already attracted so all you really have to do is connect with her and make her feel comfortable.

If you can just do that – and throw in a couple of other DiCarlo DiClassifed techniques in there, forget about it. She’s DONE.

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