How To Attract Women

How To Attract Women

How to attract women seems to be on every shy guy’s mind. Why do we immediately imagine different scenarios with an attractive-beautiful-hot woman the moment we see her? And…why do socially savvy men see her and only think “That’s for me”?

In these scenarios we shy men try to “figure out” ways to get her to like us.

The reality is we don’t know what to do…we only figure it out once she’s gone.

Us shy men freeze up when in environments of sexual vibe like using adultfrienedfinder app. We don’t know how to act when those emotions take over our body and we become uncomfortable.

This problem doesn’t happen for socially savvy men. “How to attract women” is intuitive for them. That emotion causing you to freeze up and act uncertain causes them to get up and take action. A surge of feeling comes over his body and he talks and behaves while being immersed in it…and it could be a casual conversation at a coffee shop with her.

In these situations women can tell which men are comfortable when the emotion comes up. That’s when she gets an awareness he’s “sexually aware” and its subtle & unconscious even for her.

Why is it these scenarios make shy men uncomfortable?

It has to do with societal upbringing and a missing piece in modern society. And that missing piece is a male rite of passage – specifically the role model aspect of it. In absence of that right role model specific hard-wiring in our brains haven’t activated. We walk around without that piece and it causes us to literally short-circuit in social settings.

It’ll take pages and pages for me to explain but this goes even deeper and it has to do with our biology.

If you’re interested in how to attract women and becoming more comfortable in social situations then you should check out the ebook I’ve written where I really get into the details.

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