How to Chat up Women in a Public Place

How to Chat up Women in a Public Place

Think you can only talk to  and seduce women in clubs and bars? Not true. Chatting up women isn’t difficult at all, as long as you make the right approach. Women are natural talkers. Put 2 women in a room, and within 20 minutes they will be sharing stories about boyfriends, family, shoes, the latest episode of their favorite television program and the best place to get a good haircut. You can easily take advantage of this.

First, where do you find women to talk to?

Easy. EVERYWHERE. At the gym, in line at the grocery store, while getting coffee, on the commuter train, in a book store, online at adultfrienedfinder app. The best part of these public places is that there generally isn’t loud music to shout over. It’s perfectly natural to have a conversation.

Be aware, though if she has headphones on because she probably doesn’t want to talk then. You can try eye contact and a smile. If she pulls an earbud out, you are in.

Books are another defense mechanism for women, but they are also a prop for when they are bored. Watch how she’s reading. Is she deep in it? Or does she glance up a lot like she’s looking for distraction. Again, this could be a good time to approach her.

What do you say?

Whatever you do when you are chatting up women, do NOT try a pick up line. DO NOT tell her she’s hot or beautiful. Her wall will go up.

Make it a question. Questions automatically insure that the conversation will continue, because she will answer. Women are trained to be polite. If you just make a statement, she doesn’t need to respond.

For example you are in a long line at grocery store, and there is pretty woman behind you – smile. If she looks at you and smiles back, say something. Ask her about the wine she has in her cart. “Would she recommend it?”

Maybe you are in line for a coffee and there’s a beautiful lady next to you. Comment on something around you: “Have you tried this?” Better yet, if she’s alone at a table, and the place is crowded, ask if you can share the table.

If you are on the commuter train, and she’s clearly giving only half her interest to the book on her lap, ask her about it. “Is that a good book?” “Who are your favorite authors?”

Be casual, smile, watch her eyes, they will give everything away. Eye contact is essential to seduce women. But don’t stare, look interested.

Now, if she gives one word answers or starts looking around (for an escape) or she turns away, let it go. She’s not up for it. If you get the sense she’s just being polite, she probably is. However, if she’s interested, her posture will change. She will relax, let her guard down. Maybe smile or even laugh a bit. And she will look at you.

Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out right away. Chatting up women is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced, but once you feel comfortable, you will be able to Seduce Women Like a King!

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