How To Get A Girl’s Number

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How To Get A Girl’s Number

There are many openers, choose whatever you feel works best with you:

Opinion Openers – Ask a girl’s opinion on something to get you into conversation.

Example: “Hey! I’ve gotta get going quick, but I need a female’s opinion on something. I’m buying a gift for my sister’s birthday party; do women hate gift cards as much as men do?”

Basic Openers – Introduce yourself to her and make a funny observation on the surroundings, this is the most quick and to the point method of initiating conversation.

Example: “Hey! Did you see that guy’s rainbow shirt?! I’ll have to use you as my guide dog, since I’ve gone blind!”

When opening, always enter the set with a higher energy level than it is already at. Be enthusiastic, no one likes a boring dude!

  1. Substance

This is where you actually talk with a girl and the group she is in. If she’s in a group, don’t ignore them. In fact, give more attention to the girl’s friends than the actual girl that you’re interested in. Without the approval of her friends, you’ll get nowhere. Don’t stress out about the actual conversation. Women think emotionally, unlike men. They respond to feelings. Women become attracted to a man because of how he makes her feel, not what he says to her. Focus the conversation on the woman, since girls love to talk, this should be no problem! Pick out key words out of her statements and use these to branch off to other topics when you’re out of things to say. Don’t talk badly about yourself or your job and never discuss problems with her.

Display strong body language; keep your hands out of your pockets at all times! The most important thing to remember is that you need to be playful! Women love a guy who is at ease around them and who is able to make them smile and enjoy themselves. Don’t be afraid to touch her either; play around with her and push her when she says something stupid, or tap her on arm while you’re making gestures that go along with conversation. Playful flirting like this is a must!
  1. Closing

Once you’ve opened, gained the approval of her friends, and have talked with the woman for a few minutes, she will be interested and attracted to you if you’ve done everything right to this point. When she starts laughing, playfully touching you back, and doing stuff like playing with her hair or asking questions about you, it’s time to make your move. This is when the woman is into you, so take advantage of your good work! Never leave without attempting to close by either getting a number or arranging a date. You’ve got nothing to lose, and women will give out their number if you seem like a decent guy, as no one can pass complete judgment on a person based on one short conversation.

I’m going to throw a shocking guideline at you now: never ask for a girl’s number! That’s right, I said to never ask for a girl’s number. When you ask, you give her the chance to dismiss you and you put the power in her hands. Instead of asking and surrendering control of the interaction, get the number by TELLING instead of asking. Examples of this are shown below. If you feel that she is interested enough for a date, set on up one the spot before you leave. If you want to get a number and arrange things later, you can do that also. This is the final part of the approach, and the easiest if you’ve done your work so far. Remember, set up a date and get digits in a confident, in-control manner.


“I’ve enjoyed our conversation, but I have to go meet some friends. Let’s continue it later. Would you prefer to get coffee or try out the sushi place downtown?”
“It’s been fun talking with you, we should continue this conversation. Put your number in here for me hand her your phone. ”

These examples illustrate the right way to close a solid interaction; you’re assuming that she will say yes and not giving her the chance to say no. Women don’t do well with power, so don’t make it hard on them Smile

If you follow those five steps, you’ll emerge with that HB 10’s number nearly every time you approach woman on adultfrinendfinder. No one gets numbers all the time, so don’t be discouraged if you slip up a couple times. Even with perfect game, there are still variables out of your hands. All you can control is yourself, so go out, have a blast, and get some phone numbers! If you need a refresher on the steps and major points, there is a summary below.

Points to Remember:

  1. Set Yourself Straight

• Believe in your success
• Look sharp and feel sharp

  1. Preparation

• Smile
• Make eye contact

  1. Initiation

• Display strong body language, stand straight
• Speak loudly and keep your hands out of your pockets
• Approach, keep the opener simple and start the conversation

  1. Substance

• Talk about the woman
• Pick out topics to talk about from her comments
• Gain the approval of the group
• Flirt playfully, don’t be afraid to make contact and touch the woman

  1. Close

• Always attempt to close
• Assume that she’ll say yes
• Go for either a number or a date

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