How To Get a Girls Phone Number

How To Get a Girls Phone Number

How can you walk up to a total stranger and have the courage to ask for her telephone number? You’ve barely known this person for two minutes and already you’re assuming she’ll give you her number? That’s exactly right. Learning how to pick up women requires being direct, yet creating an air of mystery. By creating the circumstances that arouse her intrigue but not her suspicion, the beautiful woman in front of you will do just that.

Creating the ideal conditions on adultfrienedfinder depends on two things: what you bring to the table, and how well you use the environment, or external variables. What you bring to the table includes:

• How you look. Your body language and style. Eye contact and use of hands.

• What you say (and what you don’t). Build credibility by anchoring yourself to something important, such as a neighborhood (if it’s nice), a school/university, a nearby workplace or a routine (“Oh, really? I come here for coffee every morning, as well.”) Avoid arousing suspicion by having a casual tone and approaching in an offhand manner.

• Where you initially direct her attention. Most dating guides (btw read also guide about thrusting vibrators) don’t get this quite right. The key to not “raising a red flag” is to have her spotlight on something that is not you and is not her. This is called a prop. For example, you edge up to her on the street corner, while she’s waiting for light to change. As a car rounds the corner in front of you, say, “I hate how these guys always take these corners so tightly…” If she’s an open person (a yes/maybe girl) she’ll reply, “I know, right? The other day a jerk did that and ruined my new raincoat!” Now you’re in an informal, non-threatening conversation. You can offer to be her corner chaperone, or joke that she shouldn’t leave the house without you. Maybe she needs to call you next time she’s on a corner she can’t handle alone…

The second half of the situational circumstance arises out of your surroundings. Clearly, as in the car example above, using what’s straight away apparent to you both is critical. Playing off the surroundings is a skill that a good pick-up artist learns to develop. In particular, learn to use the element of timing to tighten up your game and secure the digits in less than two minutes:

• If you’re at a light, be aware of when it turns green; this is when she’ll start walking. If you have a nice rapport and are approaching the far corner, this is when to ask for the number, “…because you’re leaving the other way at this next corner.”

• On a subway, ask how far-off she’s going. You may have only 30 seconds to get to the number – or you may have ten minutes. Alter your pace accordingly.

• Maybe she’s waiting for a friend who’s coming in “a minute.” Work fast. She’ll be less likely to give her number with her friend watching.

• In an elevator? Think seconds, not minutes. (A remark about the layout of the buttons, the slowness of the elevator, or the mini-LCD screen are all good “prop openers.”)

Be quick and be relaxed. Two minutes is plenty of time to say “hello” and enter a few digits. Hone this skill and fill your phone. The heavy lifting comes later..

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