How To Get Your Ex Back

How To Get Your Ex Back

Relationships such as husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend are often tested by the flow of life. Every relationship may not have a happy ending.

Break up often takes place at relationship. When it does, it is tough to patch up.

It is not like impossible, but it is really tough. People may tell you to forget the past and move on. May be they are right.

But only you know how it feels, how hard it is to forget the love, to leave behind the memories.

Breaking up a relation is such a bad experience. Trust me, I know that. If you and your partner break up mutually with an understanding, it is fine then.

It will be easier to move on. But very often, it happens based on such tiny issues and results an unusual break up that ends with depression and anger. So after sometime of breaking up, you probably miss your partner and may be wishing to get him/her back.

In that case, there are many useful and effective techniques that are available based on how to get your ex back. You must try them if you want your ex back.

The very first thing to consider

Well, getting back your partner totally depends on how the relation ended.

  • How did your relationship end? Did you two break up during hot tempered situation when feelings were actually running high? In that case, pride often prevents us to get back together though we die inside every moment.
  • Or did it end mutually after a careful thinking from both sides? Is it a realistic break up or just a mess out?

Here is the deal. It’s you who know better how it ends.

Time for some deep thinking

Since you’ve just broken up, first you need to think about what’s the best for you. Do you really think it is the best choice to get your ex back?

May be you’re watching your ex through some rose-tinted spectacles and now you are wishing to be with him/her. Perhaps, this is not enough to decide whether you want your partner back or not.

Don’t be a “Dustin Hoffman” to demand your partner back for now and always. Do some hard thinking and do it as objectively as possible. Think if your partner is actually perfect for you. Think if you really make his/her life better. Then it’s time for you to decide which one will be better, getting your partner back or just move on?

So now, as you’ve decided to get your partner back, here are some basic tips on how to get your ex back:

Tip#1. Get over the break up first:

I am sure that you’re now passing through a very hard time since you’ve a break up. It’s like hell. Frustration and depression are running you crazy. Nothing seems okay, everything is far away from you. Probably you are now thinking about remain alone by leave behind everything. Isn’t it?

But trust me if you want your partner back, here is the biggest challenge for you; get over the break up. Get prepared to face the challenge. Here are some tips to get over it:

Tip#2. Social interaction:

Don’t avoid your friends and family members because isolation often let you being surrounded by emotions and old memories. So keep in touch with your close people. Share your feelings with them, let them give you piece of advice.

Tip#3. Self-care stuffs:

It is crucial to take care of your daily needs such as shopping, jogging, swimming and cooking. These tasks often seem less motivated after a break up. But believe me they can be very useful to get over soon.

Since you’re spending some extra time with these, you will feel better. Also take care of your outlook. Hit the gym to get fit, change your dress up; be the best of you.

Tip#4. Hobbies and games:

Spend time with your favorite doings like traveling or reading or playing games. These are very helpful to get rid of depression.

Tip#5. Don’t overwork:

Throwing yourself into works can be a great distraction as you’ve to spend lots of time with it. It may often work. But fact is it creates an imbalance what can be a negative pattern of life. So keep working like you always do and spend your rest of the time at self caring or other stuffs as discussed.

Tip#6. Don’t just beg:

If your relationship was genuine, you need to avoid certain things to get your partner back. One important thing is you must keep your dignity.

Begging your partner to get back and behaving desperately may let your partner feel sorry for you, but at the same time it makes you less attractive to your partner.

So don’t lose your dignity by doing this nonsense. It’s true that for reunion of the relationship, it needs a push. Perhaps, you can clear it to your partner that the relationship can still work. But you’ve to do it in a mature way, not desperately.

Tip#7. Taking a break will be a great idea:

You two are done with the relationship and nothing is left- accept it. Take time to recover it. Don’t just try to communicate with your partner so fast. Give him/her some space to think about the whole mess.

Doing some stupid stuffs like movies will not do any good. So don’t call hundred times in a day or thousands texts saying “I love you” or “I am sorry”. This can be irritating for your partner as things have got worst and he/she might need some time to think over it.

Tip#8. Don’t play games like children:

Leave the game for playground; don’t try to play at real life. Yes that’s right. You’re not a child. So don’t cry or force your partner to come back. Screaming and threatening to end your life might force your partner to reunion.

But I am sure that things will not be same like before. Also trying to make your partner jealous by dating other people might not be a good idea. Your partner may think you were not serious about the relationship and that’s why you’ve already started dating others.

Tip#9. Time to act mature:

Please don’t be a child anymore. Since you’ve worked on getting over the break up, it’s time to show off. Like don’t avoid your partner’s presence or don’t act with anger if he/she suddenly comes in front of you.

It’s time to show that you’ve handled the situation and now okay with it. This will make your partner think how mature you’ve become.

Also never try to nag or bully in front of anybody about your partner. Who knows if your partner hears it? If you meet with his/her friends or family members, don’t let them see your emotions.

Rather, let them know that you still respect your partner as well his/her decision.

If your partner is dating anyone on adultfrienedfinder app, don’t be a heart breaking loser. May be your partner is just pretending, may be he/she still loves you. So don’t do anything threatening to his/her date. I know it’s hard to control the temper, but you’ve to do it for your own shake.

Tip#10. Get yourself prepared:

There must be something wrong about you; try to find it. May be your partner had complains about you. Try to remember if he/she ever talked about any lacking in you like you never showed respect or never listened with importance. So try to find your lacks and solve it. Also think about those stuffs that went wrong. Solve them too, if possible.

Tip#11. Time for the real move:

At this stage, you need to go for the last move. You need a plan like how you should start. So go through these following steps:

Tip#12. Send a text but casually:

You can start with a formal text like “Hi, how are you?” this will remind your partner of you. Wait for his/her response. You can call once or twice between two or three weeks. But no emotional talkies, only formal like asking about how everything is going on etc.

Tip#13. Ask for a friendly meet:

You can sometime ask your partner for a coffee or dinner. This is a very useful step. You can know about what’s going on in your partner’s life. Don’t go for any argument, situation can go worse then.

Tip#14. Remind those good days:

Since you’re meeting your ex, try to remind him/her those good times you two spent together. Make your partner feel that breaking up with you was not good at all.

Tip#15. Say sorry if necessary:

This can be the final move. Ask for apology about what you did. Explain what went wrong and how you can fix this. Tell that you feel sorry for what happened and now willing to solve it.

Tell your partner how you feel about him/her. Wait for the response. I am sure you will get some positive feedback too. Thus, you will get your ex back.

So these are some realistic as well effective techniques on how to get your ex back. These are highly effective techniques which I learnt from my friend Ryan Hall. He is a good guy who has been helping people to get their ex back from last couple of years.

If you are very serious to get your ex back, I highly urge you not to lose his free video presentation on the next page.

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