How to keep a peaceful and cordial relationship

How to keep a peaceful and cordial relationship

A simple method to avoid quarrelling, bickering and fighting with your spouse

Verbal fights, arguments and quarrelling are often indicate that there is problem in a relationship.

How would you like to avoid those nasty fights and quarrels you sometimes have or see between your friends? Here is a simple but very effective way to avoid nasty arguments.

Chose an appropriate time to discuss sensitive topics

I noticed that I get very crabby, grumpy and irritable in the evenings when I get home from work and go to website login. It doesn’t take a lot for me to start off like a badly tuned police siren. My wife has learnt the pattern and generally walks on egg shells when I get home in the evening.

Similarly I have learnt that the very site of my can set my wife off during a certain time of the month. During this time I handle her with kid’s gloves.

It is very clear that we have cycles of emotions and its best to avoid discussing sensitive topics during this time.

Save your hard topics for times when he or she is in a great mood. This will also predispose you to get the very best results rather than a verbal mudslinging contest where both of you will come away with emotional hurt and stains to constantly remind you

I remember a woman on the tv saying she has a 45 minute policy in her house. Whenever her husband gets in from work he give him 45 minutes to unwind and detach from work and its associated problems before approaching him with anything. This techniques works so well for her that the revealed that she nearly always gets her wishes – now that’s a very wise lady. They have a lots of love in their relationship.

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