How To NOT Make Sexy Eye Contact With Women

How To NOT Make Sexy Eye Contact With Women

A complaint that I sometimes get from my readers is, “Marius, how come women always look at me and avoid me when I try to make eye contact?”

Well, as both someone who makes eye contact with people all the time and an experienced dating coach who has received many successful “eye contact stories” from all around the world, I can tell you that making eye contact works.

Most people who use this technique will find success with it, so if you haven’t been having much luck with it, then chances are, you’re probably doing something wrong. Here are two things that I can think of:

1) You’re being intrusive.

If someone looks like they want to be left alone, then leave them alone. If you intrude on their personal space by looking at them non-stop while they are busy reading or eating, of course they are going to think you’re a freak.

2) You are staring, not making eye contact.

There is a big difference between staring and making eye contact. Proper eye-contact is quick and friendly. It means you’re drifting your eyes around and giving attention to what interests you -but only for a split second. Staring at a woman for too long will get you the “What are you looking at?” response.

3) You are looking too hard.

Proper eye contact is casual and relaxed. If you’re too serious and stare too hard, you will may across as a crazy or potentially dangerous person. In that case, of course women will break the eye contact and avoid you.

4) You come off as dangerous.

The “safer” you look, the more comfortable women will be around you. By “safe”, I don’t mean geeky. You can be a bad boy and still look safe. But if you look or at a bit “creepy”, then women will naturally avoid making eye contact with you at all costs.

5) You’re not smiling.

Once you have “clicked” with the eye contact, you should always smile. This way, a woman can smile back. Without this, there’ll be “no next step.” In that case, of course the situation will feel awkward and the woman will want to break eye contact.

6) You’re too tense.

The whole exercise should be fun and casual like dating on login. If you’re too tense, women are going to react to your eye contact negatively because you’re acting relaxed. So do yourself a favor and RELAX.

Now go out there and make some eye contact!

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