How to Pickup Girls On the Subway

How to Pickup Girls On the Subway

Every single day millions of people are using the tube, i would say roughly 2 million. Now, that’s a lot of HBs. From going to work in the morning and going back to our homes, we see a lot of Hot-Babes just steps away from us. She is probably reading the Metro or Pride and Prejudice thinking one day she will meet her own Mr Darcy. The tube is a mine-field of pick-up. This gave me the idea that I don’t always go to the bars and nightclubs to meet HB’s all the time and in the last few months I have started gaming on the tube and have started getting numbers and dates as well. So, I am going to share my ’secret guidelines’ to picking up chicks on the tube.

Number 1
Ignore what everyone says about the underground and that everyone’s miserable, that you must never talk or make eye contact with anyone, etc. If no other guy does that, well, fantastic, that means less competition for you! Plus HBs wont be expecting an approach on their journey home! Contrast that with a nightclub when every chump is hitting on the girls and they have their bitch-shield up. You can easily come under the radar when picking-up on tubes.

Number 2
Ignore the other passengers, block them out of your mind. I noticed that sometimes when I am gaming, all these chumps are listening in contently over my shoulder. You will encounter eavesdroppers all the time, so remember, you already are a better and a confident man then they are as you approached.

Number 3
Keep yourself in the frame. Communicate confidence and be relaxed in your body language. If you communicate nervousness then the girls will feel uncomfortable being in a conversation with you. Body language conveys messages on a subconscious level. So if you show your comfort at being in the situation then the girls will feel naturally feel comfortable talking to you.

Number 4
Respect the 3-second rule. Do not linger on and let your target see that you are checking her out. Make it look as spontaneous as possible. As soon as she sees you, you MUST talk.

Number 5
If you are gaming on the platform, then check the electronic board before doing so. If the next train is coming in 2 or 3 minutes then you might want to wait until you are actually on the train. Otherwise it becomes difficult to restart the conversation and still have that rapport you have already built-up. But if the train is coming in 5 minutes or more then this should give you enough time to establish some rapport and it will be natural to carry on the conversation.

Now let’s get into examples of what you can say to pick-up women on the tube.
“Is this the platform for trains towards Leicester Square?” Yes/No etc. Whatever the answer, carry on “Are you sure? i hope so. Because when I was a kid and people used to ask me for direction I would deliberately give them the wrong direction to screw them up. I was basically a little twat. You’re not like that are you?!” Asking for directions is a classic opener and still works if delivered tactfully. And you can also open with “Do you know how long the train takes to reach x place?” this one works better than “have you been waiting long?”, by now HBs are much more accustomed to the latter as a pick-up line.

Other platform openers: “Don’t jump, its not worth it!!” (If she’s close to the platform edge) or “Oh my God, did you see that mouse?! I saw it just now!!” You don’t actually have to see one, obviously. But this ALWAYS gets a response, girls find it impossible to ignore, so its very solid.
Lets say you are waiting at the platform, you notice a HB, you open her with “I think were standing in the best/worst place to get a seat.” This is good because when the train comes the two of you can put your prediction to the test and therefore have something natural to talk about, even if she hasn’t said much about it on the platform. Its quite playful and fun, you can easily move the conversation then on like you are used to do on adultfrinendfinder.

Finally, try some of these yourself or make your own, make it seem SPONTANEOUS and don’t be embarrassed to ask for a number or a date – if you are nervous you can wait until you are just about to get off anyway, or wait till you both get off. And ignore the other passengers who may eavesdrop on you. They will get off soon anyway! Good luck.

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