How To Undo Damage You’ve Done With A Woman

How To Undo Damage You’ve Done With A Woman

I am often asked, “How can I undo the damage I have already done to a relationship, such as not acting enough of a challenge to a woman or getting into a big argument with her?”

Unfortunately, this is no magic fix. You can’t just go back in time and “fix” any damage that has already been done.

Let me show you what I mean…

Whatever situation you’re in right now, you’re only in it because of your past actions.

For example, if your girlfriend you met on login finds you too needy and wants some “personal space” right now, it’s because you were too needy IN THE PAST.
And since you can’t go back in time and live your life again, there’s nothing you can do right now that can “reverse the damage”.

However, never forget that your future will one day become your present, and when that happens, your present will become your past.
What this means is that whatever you do NOW will affect your future. So while you can’t go back in time and “reverse” the damage you’ve already done, you can take action now to make things better for the FUTURE.

For example, if you have always been needy in the past, you can’t just call a girl and “promise” her you will give her lots of personal space from now on.
You can, however, ACT independent from this moment on, and if you’re lucky, in a few months she may stop seeing you as a needy person.

Here’s another example…

If you’ve just got into a big fight with a woman, instead of doing further damage by proving to her that you’re right, you can just let the issue cool down and work on ATTRACTING her.

Here’s the bottom line: If you just keep fighting, her attraction for you will keep dropping.

But if you stop fighting and start attracting again, in a few months she may be so attracted to you again that she’ll forget about the fight completely.

In short, always look towards the future and never dwell on the past. what done is done. You can’t change your past. Focus on shaping your future instead!

Lastly, don’t forget that it is much more logical to PREVENT making dating mistakes than to REGRET making them
later on.
Too many guys come to me for help only AFTER they have done a great deal of damage to their relationships or to their love lives.

Solution? Play the love cop. Look at your love life and relationship objectively.
Try to see if you’re “missing” anything or making any costly mistakes.
Never get cocky and stop improving your love life.

As I always tell my students, what you can’t see will eventually kill you. Just like a car, we each have blind spots in our love lives. For example, you could be doing things that are driving women away RIGHT NOW without even knowing it.

Your job as a Smart Dater is to identify each of your blind spots and overcome them one by one.

We ALL have areas that we need to work on more – even me.

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