If I can connect with a woman, nothing else really matters

If I can connect with a woman, nothing else really matters

Andy: Yeah, you can literally see it in their face where they’re having fun, she’s into you, but the guy keeps going, he’s not paying attention and any sort of connection that you could have had just kind of slips away. So, it’s just, yeah, it’s exactly what you say. You’ve got to stop as soon as you’ve hit like maybe that third laugh or, and just get real and really get connected.

Now Lance, we were just talking a bit about getting connected. Can you tell me more about what you’re thinking, about what your mind is when it comes about connection?

Lance: Well, connection is absolutely critical. It’s really the most important thing. In that, if I can connect with a woman, nothing else really matters. It doesn’t matter if I’m awkward. It doesn’t matter, you know, if I didn’t use deodorant and I’m stinky and sweaty. It doesn’t matter if my body language is perfect. It doesn’t matter if I have money. I mean, nothing matters, nothing matters, because women are taught, women are just dying for a connection.

They’re just starving for it. Ever since they were little girls they’re taught that there’s this kind of magical moment that’s going to happen where a man’s going to come and he’s going to see them in a different way. And they’re going to feel connected to this person in a way they’ve never felt connected to anyone on their lives. And most women are still waiting for that moment to happen, they’re still waiting for that. They’re just kind of, they’re dying for it.

And if you have connection, you know, she’ll call you. She’ll ask you out for the date. She’ll pursue you because she already feels close to you. She already feels an intimacy and you know for guys, what guys always want, we always want this kind of, this marker of yeah we had sex with her. That’s how we know it’s a real relationship not like on adultfrinendfinder.com login. We had sex. We’re in control.

For women it’s, I feel connected to him, we had intimacy and when you give women intimacy they’ll give you anything you want because that’s what they’ve been craving for and dying for. So, if you’re not really trying to understand a connection with a woman, you’re not really making progress in terms of getting what you want with women.

Andy: So, how do guys mess up with this?

Lance: I think guys are starting to understand the importance of connection, which is really good because a couple years ago they’re weren’t a lot of people talking about connection just like they weren’t a lot of people talking about DayGame until we started talking about it.

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