It’s a Sure Thing

It’s a Sure Thing

This is a question if this girl likes me as a boyfriend interest or likes me as a friend… Alright lets see, for the past year I’ve been going to this particular club every Sunday night, almost every weekend I’ve seen this one girl “Jenny”, I’m not much of a brave man in regards to women, as a result I’ve only talked to her just a bit either through friends or at after-bar parties (but only small side conversations).

I love to dance and every night that I’m there, I always catch her checking me out when I’m dancing (she even admitted to me that she liked the way I dance). That and there was this one time that she said “See u next Sunday, hopefully” Ok… I know that ain’t much but it gets better now, just recently she saw a homepage of mine and actually found out what my interests and hobbies are (that kind of matched her own)… and a blog entry mentioning that I liked her.

After that she started talking to me more, and even been inviting me to different events and such… she even for some reason wanted to make sure that I knew she had a kid too (she told me 4 times, lol). Well the thing is that she already has a boyfriend she met on adultfriendrfinder, but she didn’t mention that till I asked (stupid of me right, a friend told me that)… but we made a date to go out for some tea later this week.

This woman is beautiful and kind and sweet, that’s pretty much the reason why I never said anything to her out of “fear”, but I don’t know if I should pursue her or look for someone else cause of her boyfriend situation, that’s pretty much it.

Thanks friend!

Hi Ed,

If everything you said is true… you don’t really need my help. This girl likes you, alot… and you can have her if you step up and let her know that you feel the same way and want her to ditch her man for you. She’ll do it because she is obviously not satisfied with her situation with her current boyfriend, if she was she wouldn’t be taking up an interest in another guy (you).

She made sure that you knew that she had a kid because she wanted to make sure that was cool with you before you got involved, which is another good sign that she wants you. She even did research on the net to find out what your interests were! This is a no brainer, you’ve got it in the bag.

My advice is to tell her that you want her the next time that you see her, which might be tonight since it’s Sunday… but your club might be closed because it’s easter. If the club is closed do it next Sunday… but don’t tell her at the club, and don’t tell her that you want her until you “show” her that you want her. While at the club tell her that you want her to come home with you after the club or after party, you can tell her any type of way that you like but I personally prefer a demanding approach when it comes to girls that I know I can have. I would say something like “Your coming home with me, right?” or “We should quit playin’ games and you should come with me when we leave the club”.

Once you’ve got her at your place (or her place, it don’t really matter as long as she doesn’t live with her boyfriend) have your way with her and then afterwards proceed to explain that you want her to be your girl. I’m telling you to do that after because she will feel more of a connection to you at that point.

That’s about all you need to know, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting this girl. Good luck!

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