Online Dating Safety Tips

Online Dating Safety Tips

Safety should be a concern no matter how you meet your date. But with online dating, there’s more opportunities for someone to take advantage of you and possibly cause you harm. Here are some points that can make online dating safer and help prevent you from becoming a victim.

Too Good to Be True?

If the profile or person seems too perfect, be skeptical. We’re all looking for the ‘perfect’ partner, but the reality is– no one’s perfect. Be realistic about your expectations and avoid anyone who seems to have “all the right answers” and “say all the right things”. People can be somewhat selective with the truth online. It’s easy to lie about yourself, your interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. If you suspect that someone lying to you, trust your gut and act accordingly.

Take it Slow

Its never wise to jump into an online relationship at adultfrienedfinder app without a decent amount of pre-date communication. Using the internet to discuss, debate and share opinions and interests is the first step in preparing for a ‘real’ date. Make sure you know how to save copies of your online dating conversations. Trust your instincts, if something makes you uneasy or uncomfortable. Watch out for odd behavior or inconsistencies. Walk away!

Protect Your Personal Info

Don’t give your full name, address, place of employment or other personal information that may be used to locate you until you’re ready. Establish a separate email address for online dating purposes only. Choose a non-identifiable screen name, and keep it clean or you may get the wrong kind of attention. If you are being pressured to share this information, stop the communication immediately.

Pictures Can be Deceiving

Don’t rely on a photograph to give you a sense of a person’s character. Appearances may be how we are first attracted to someone, but it never is a factor in whether you’re compatible.

Your First Date

After you’ve communicated at length through email, you’ll move on to telephone conversations and then onto meeting in person. Make your first date during the day and travel separately so that if things don’t go as planned you can exit gracefully. Make sure you tell someone of your plans and never leave or go home with your date.

Never be embarrassed to insist on some ground rules when you are looking for an online date. Anyone who has honest motives will understand and respect your wishes. Start by using a reputable online dating service; “single and looking” chat rooms can bring the wrong kind of results and may turn you off to internet dating completely.

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