Online dating with Yahoo Personals

Online dating with Yahoo Personals

Does anyone still use them?

Microsoft has just walked away after Yahoo rejected a 47 billion dollar takeover bid, but don’t worry, for all of Yahoo’s services, it’s business as usual, (for now anyway), and that includes Yahoo Personals.

So whatever happened to the once most talked about dating portal online? Online dating is alive and well, but there’s little talk in the virtual world these days about Yahoo personals. But do we really need these services to begin with? Have we become a reclusive society that interact more with our virtual friends that our real live human companions? I mean what’s with all this online dating malarkey anyway? Whatever happened to getting acquainted in the real world folks?

Online dating seems to be growing exponentially in popularity, especially with the introduction of the free online dating service. It guess it was only a matter of time before some savvy business people realized the inherent benefits and potential of online dating services and online dating chat rooms that are popping up everywhere.

Today there are a seemingly infinite number of different dating websites, and this includes free online dating services, which are spawning daily, or so it seems. As the largest online industry today, finding a dating website is not hard. Just type online dating sites, or online dating personals into any search engine and you’ll find hundreds of them. Finding a good one, however, can be a little more tricky. Most of the market is dominated by three sites that stand out above the rest;,, and Yahoo Yahoo is one of my favorite dating sites. Yes, I too have resorted to meeting my match through virtual means.

I’ve tried a handful of different sites but I keep coming back to Yahoo They have the same profile based system used on and eHarmony, yet are considerably less expensive. The profiles on Yahoo are every bit as detailed as you’d really need them to be, all the important basic areas are covered and there are plenty of ways to narrow down your search to something, or rather someone, pretty specific. The few extra details in the profiles are cute at first, but really not very useful in helping you meet anyone, and the eHarmony profiles are downright nitpicky. Is it really that important that your potential date has to like or dislike hamsters?

The difference between these top three sites seems to reflect the different markets they aim for. is somewhat renowned for being geared toward people looking to ‘settle down’ into a potentially permanent relationship, so it sort of makes sense that they are the most detailed and expensive. I suppose if you’re going to be with someone the rest of your life and you just absolutely love hamsters, you can weed out non-hamster types more easily on

Yahoo seems to be a little bit of a more casual approach with its online dating ads, which I vastly prefer. Even if I was looking for a marriage, which I suppose I am, I don’t think it’s a really wise approach to pretty much announce that going into a relationship with someone I just met online. Personally, I think its better to meet people with no expectations in mind, and see what happens. It puts an unnatural strain on a relationship to start off thinking about ‘forever’ right off the bat.

So there you have it. My personal recommendation would be for Yahoo as I’ve been able to make a real comparison against the others. For me, I found it a lot less fanfare and flash than the opposition sites, thus making it feel exactly as it should feel which is simply a set of digital personals ads for viewing online. Yahoo also has many subscribed members which makes it an effective site to meet people. Finally, it’s much less irritating and profit focused than the other sites.

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