Oral Sex Tips

Oral Sex Tips

What are the best oral sex tricks for protection from STDs and STIs?

There are a number of tricks you can employ to protect yourself from STDs and STIs during oral sex. The most effective method is to stick to a single partner in a monogamous relationship. Unfortunately this isn’t really practical or exciting enough for most people. The next best thing is to use latex or polyurethane as a barrier between you and your partner. This includes the use of condoms and dental dams. These will prevent the transmission of STDs and STIs by skin to skin contact or by fluid transmission.

When working as a male escort an old trick I used to use was to place an open flavoured condom into the corner of my mouth before going down on a woman. This way it didn’t spoil the mood and at the same time protected me. You can try this.

The more common STDs and STIs to be transmitted during cunnilingus and fellatio are Herpes, Gonorrhea and H.I.V. The less likely are HPV or genital warts, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Chancroid. The real risk of infection through oral sex is relatively low. You need to choose if you want to take that risk though.

Do you have any oral sex tips for men so I can try a better oral sex technique on my girlfriend tonight?

There is no magic technique we can teach you in a two minute email. It is my suggestion that you try to start to look at sex in a different way. Your sexual relationships with your girlfriend on adultfriendrfinder should not be goal orientated. You should also know that unfortunately learning physical techniques alone does not arouse the mind of a woman. It is the mind or brain that creates the pleasure and the orgasm. My suggestion is you try to relax and enjoy the love-making you are already having and increase the communication with your partner. With increased communication you will discover more about what she wants and likes. You need to master arousing her mind and then her body. Check out our products such as best thrusting vibrator for more details as its hard to give a detailed answer with no background information on your situation. Techniques are best learnt from videos or in workshops.


Do you recommend an oral sex position?

You can do it in almost every position. Missionary position is the most commonly used. Any position that enables relaxation and or increased arousal is fine.

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