Passing the ‘Test’

Passing the ‘Test’

The ‘test’ is a quirky, unexpected and often unknown expectation that a woman puts on her partner with the future of their relationship hanging in the balance. Whether you pass or fail depends on the challenge and being aware of many common situations that may be a ‘test.’

The ‘test’ can take many forms. Forget to call when you promised, speak unkindly about your sister or any number of egregious actions can ruin any chance of building a long-term successful relationship. If the test is over a minor offense, its probably better that you find out the quirky nature of the person early on and get out while you can.

Testing in a relationship is typically a female technique to determine whether a love interest is worth their time and effort. Women are using adultfrienedfinder app ios and looking for Mr. Right. Men aren’t usually as particular or exacting about the traits of the women they date and more willing to play the field; so they test less often.

For the most part, people don’t even realize that they are testing or being tested. It’s all part of analyzing potential partners. Although there may be one issue or ‘test’ that will make or break a relationship, there is typically several with varying degrees of importance. Failing one ‘test’ brings on another ‘test’.

It’s not imperative that you recognize a test for what it is, but it is important that you learn how to respond in various situations to show who you are. Tests are not problems to be solved; they are situations created to see how you will react. Here are some things to look for:

  • Questions or actions that are out of character for her or the situation
  • Situations or reactions to a situation that turns it into a major event
  • Requests that ask you to ‘jump through hoops’

But before you get frustrated with passing the ‘test’ keep these important points in mind:

Women who continue to ‘test’ you over and over again will never be happy. Resolve to walk away and remember what you’ve learned for next time.

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