Question You MUST Ask When You Approach A Group

Question You MUST Ask When You Approach A Group

Right now I’m going to teach you a killer secret that you can use next time you meet any new group of people in any situation, be it at a party, a bar, or a nightclub.

As soon as you’ve sat down and introduced yourself, I want you to ask, “So how does everyone know each other?”

The answers you get will tell you a LOT of useful information that you can use in you favor later on when you attract the person you’re really after.

For example, the guy you thought was your target’s boyfriend could turn out to be her BROTHER. (Eek, incest!)

Or, the girl sitting besides her could turn out to be her boyfriend’s cousin. (Which means she’s NOT going to want to cheat on him in front of her.)

Basically, you will find out about the social dynamics of the group and be able to use this information for your pickup.

But that’s not it. The most powerful application of this technique is actually to find conversation topics that you can use to blend into the group.

A lot of guys complain about how hard is it to blend into a group and join in a conversation.

Well, guess what?

With this technique, you can start a NEW conversation and direct it to the direction you want it to go.

For example, if someone says, “Oh. We met in Europe…”, then you can begin a new thread of conversation about the time you went to Italy.

Finally, this technique will give you the perfect chance to “setup” for the rest of the evening.

Take the time to crack jokes and tease people as they answer your question.

Since everybody’s attention will be on YOU as they answer, you can tease them and establish yourself as the new guest alpha male of the group by putting them under your frame.

Singling out the girl you met on adultfrienedfinder app and you want from the group will then be much easier!

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