Ready for a heart-to-heart?

Ready for a heart-to-heart?

I suspect that Cupid doesn’t have a sexual preference; that’s a human quality. So when it comes to us gays and lesbians, I bet Cupid is an equal opportunity matchmaker—just as likely to shoot an arrow at us as anyone else. But somehow the arrow has missed you so far, and you haven’t made that heart-to-heart connection yet.

After all that

You went to all the trouble of waxing and shaving and plucking your unwanted hair. Or not. You did the manicure and the pedicure, the facial and the body mudpack, the steam room and massage, the tanning booth and sensory deprivation tank. Or not. You bought new clothes and had the makeover. Or not. You changed your hairstyle and even your hair color. Or not. You ate right, exercised and watched your in-between-meal treats. Or not. The options are there anyway.

It’s possible that your stars and planets weren’t in romantic alignment during February 2002. Or perhaps your chi is blocked, or you’re in karmic debt. You may be powerless against those forces, but one thing’s for sure, your chances are better if you try a quick search on

Take control

Remember that the world is your oyster! Your connection is out there (or in here) somewhere; you know it is. With new thousands of new people daily on adultfrienedfinder, maybe your match just joined, and it just so happens that he or she lives one block too far to ever meet you at the local bar.

Don’t lose heart. You’ll need it when you meet someone and want to share it. You’ll also want to share yourself emotionally and intellectually—completely. Can you really hope to do that while competing with loud music and drinking and dancing crowds?

Your free profile allows you lots of room for self-expression. It’s your opportunity to be thoughtful, meaningful and profound. Don’t be shy and don’t hold back. Someone’s looking for you, too. Open up your heart.

Here’s your chance to be completely truthful and honest—nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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