Relationship Tips for Girls

Relationship Tips for Girls

Ladies, are you struggling to find the man of your dreams? Do you seem to pick the bad ones who cheat, lie or mistreat you? This video is full of relationship tips for girls and how you can find that decent guy out there.

Tip number 1 is to see how the guy treats his family. It is likely that if he treats his family with respect, gets on well with them and looks after them, he will treat you the same, especially if there is a possible future between the two of you.

The second tip is to look for a guy who has dreams, goals and an ambition in life. You don’t want a guy who has no future, nothing to work for or look forward to. He will only drag you down and may hold back your success.

Finally, your man should be proud that he is with you even if you met him at adultfrienedfinder app login. He should want to show you off to his friends and family. However, make sure that this is because he really wants a relationship with you and not because you are a piece of eye-candy and he is trying to make his ex or his mates jealous.

For loads more tips, make sure you check out the video.

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Loving Wives Club: What Is The Most Powerful Thing In Your Marriage?

Have you ever thought about how you make your marriage what it is and the things you say or do have an affect on it, sometimes in a positive way and sometimes negatively? In this video, created by ‘The Loving Wives Club’ you will find marriage advice all wives should know – what is the most powerful thing in your marriage?

This simple answer to this is YOU! You are the most powerful thing in your marriage as a wife. You have the capability to boost your husband’s confidence and self worth, and you can even crush his ego.

The few women out there who do understand that they wear the pants and have power tend to use it in a controlling way. They use it against their husbands, often as punishment. If he has done something that they are unhappy with, they will be in command of how much appreciation, attention, physical affection and admiration they give to him.

If you limit these ‘4 A’s’ you are creating a distance between the two of you. When you are mad and you ignore him or do things in spite to annoy him, you are not making him emotionally connected to you. It is important for your husband to be emotionally connected to you for a strong, happy marriage.

For more advice from The Loving Wives Club, check out the video.

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