Seriously naughty dating hints and faqs – stay safe!

Seriously naughty dating hints and faqs – stay safe!

 FIRST RULE – Never give out any sensitive information to anyone unless you are 100% sure you trust them. Don’t give any potential daters your address, or even your phone number until you are pretty well into your online RELATIONSHIP with them. Think about setting up a user name and separate email address – very easy with someone like Yahoo or Hotmail – rather than risk being pestered on your work or home email. Your personal information will NEVER BE PASSED ON BY SERIOUSLY NAUGHTY DATES.  Do not even HINT as to your financial affairs. Unfortunately, there are crims about who are after your identity and or cash. BE SENSIBLE, as you would when meeting anyone new.

2. If you do find someone you would like to meet, get together in a well lit, populated place and make sure you can get home safely. Meet in the day or early evening if possible so you are not stuck for transport home. It is not sensible to have your date come to your home until you get to know one another. Tell a friend where you are going and when you expect to get home. If lust grabs you instantly and you decide to stay out later than intended, let your friend know so they don’t worry if you have to GET HOT AND STEAMY with adultfrienedfinder app straight away!

3.   BLING, TOYS & CASH. Don’t be flash. Leave the bling  diamond studded mobile and Ferrari at home, at least on the first date.

4. Most daters are ok, ordinary men and women looking for sex and/or companionship and a good time but the odd bad apple will always be around so STAY ALERT and HAVE FUN

5. There are so many FRUSTRATED LOVERS in the country looking for a good time that you have a great chance of making some really fun new contacts.  Don’t let the fact that you are having to find the people you want on the internet be a deterrent – GO FOR IT AND HAVE FUN

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