Sex and Happiness: Keep Him Wanting You

Sex and Happiness: Keep Him Wanting You

For some women, the man is somewhat hard to understand. It’s not very fair that some women are just armed to the teeth with tricks and tips on how to keep a man satisfied. Although, as cliche as it actually sounds, it’s pretty easy to keep a man happy. It’s really all about understanding what the man in the relationship wants, which is really not that much different than what the woman wants. We all want security and the mate to find significance in our loves. Oh, yeah, we also want some pretty outstanding sex. There needs to be an equal balance if we want the relationship to go the long run.

Keeping the man satisfied should be attacked on all fronts. For many men, security is a big issue. While it may be celebrated more in women, men really want their potential mate to be fortified as much as they can be. This means they want a woman who can take care of themselves, this is a pretty big turn on. Of many men polled, this is becoming an increasingly important trait. It’s not that men do not want (or enjoy) taking care of the woman, it’s the knowledge that she can do it for herself if she has to.

When it comes to enjoying a man’s loves, that’s even simpler. All a woman has to do is ask a few questions about something that he’s passionate about, and he’s all in. A woman will even be able to see his face light up when she asks a question, because he really will love divulging this part of his world. If it’s football, as used as the example may be, ask him about who he thinks will get into the play-offs. It may take a little bit of research, which is greatly appreciated, but it will go over well with a man. Any contributions that the woman will make to the conversation will win a lot of points with her man.

And here’s the big one: sex. Keeping a man sexually satisfied is much like the last tactic so he doesn’t use adultfrienedfinder app login. It’s all about asking a few questions, and performing. Ask the man about what he’s always wanted to do in bed, and do it! Provided that it’s not anything too outlandish, it shouldn’t be too hard to accommodate him. With all men, they really want some of the same things. They will probably want the fantasy, and some other kinky things that will better be discussed behind closed doors. It also doesn’t hurt to check online for some sex tips, and surprise him with them. He will absolutely love it, guaranteed.

Keeping the man happy is a subject that has been disputed for years, yet the strategies basically remain the same. This is because the man hasn’t really changed that much in that respect, and they probably will never do so. For some, it may take a little creative effort, but chances are the man will probably fall in line with the trends of others.

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