Sex secrets for men

Sex secrets for men

Here we have more answers, advice and tips to great sex.

Below you’ll find some of the more unusual and obscure questions and answers we’ve received on tips to better sex this week.

I’m interested in meeting women for just sex. Can you recommend any sites like secret friends live sex?

What you are talking about is sometimes called adult dating, sex dating or even swinging. I have no personal knowledge of secret friends live sex chat so I can’t comment on it. I have extensive experience working in adult websites over the last 10 years so I have a lot to say on the potential for single guys to meet woman for sex. In terms of sites it would all depend on where you are and what exactly you are looking for. There are many dimensions to succeeding in adult dating for just casual sex. I am producing a product on online sex dating and swinging which will be the best source of information. In brief I would say to you that 95% of the sites out on the web are a complete waste of time. Sites like secret friends live sex cam are designed more for titillation than meeting real women. There sole purpose is to take your money and give you as little as possible back. The best place to look generally is on adultfriendrfinder. I plan to provide a full courses on succeeding in adult dating.

Is my oral sex good? My girlfriend keeps asking me “is the oral sex great” that she’s giving me. What is the best way to respond?

If you are enjoying what she is doing then you should definitely let her know. Tell her yes, its great I really enjoy it. Everyone likes positive reinforcement and it encourages her to repeat the behaviour. If she isn’t doing the best oral sex in the world then you should also let her know, but carefully. There are ways of doing this. One suggestion is to ask her to try doing it in a different way without drawing attention to the fact that you don’t like what she is currently doing. This way she saves face, she doesn’t feel self conscious and you both get what you want.

Do lesbians have secret lesbian oral sex tricks that guys don’t know about?

In a word, no. The type of love-making that women have with other women is often more consistently sensual than between a man and a woman, although this is a generalization. More sensual love-making can help relax both a man and a woman and therefore increase arousal. But no, there are no secret lesbian oral sex oral sex tricks that only women know and can perform.

If you have any questions on giving great oral sex then please get in contact. Over time we will keep giving sex tips such as how to use best thrusting vibrator and adding to the list of oral sex techniques so you know all there is to know about male oral sex technique, too.

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