Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

When it comes to the average adult American in a relationship, one of the least thought of however most common types of research is relationship advice. Although it may seem trivial, immature, childish, and trite; having had its potential start in our minds beginning on the playgrounds of middle school when first figuring out how to tell that special person that you “like like” them; relationship advice is surprisingly difficult to give, and it can be a huge pain for you to figure out.

For this reason, many men and women are turning to things other than friends, such as the internet with help of adultfrienedfinder app, psychics, or even their mother! Even though some of these areas may seem odd or may not come to our minds when we imagine the concept of where to find and obtain relationship advice, for many adolescents and adults, they are forced to use their last resorts instead of their first choice friends, who are not always able to keep up with the topic or give good advice. As America continues to grow, people are becoming more and more independent.

For this reason, men and women may not confide the nitty gritty details of their relationship to their comrades as much as they may have twenty five years ago. For this reason, many people are choosing a completely anonymous, in-the-dark third party who have no idea who or what they are talking about (such as a psychic, or the internet). And for many American adults, the closest person to them who fully understands the past of their relationship and who they, rationally, feel can provide adequate relationship advice is their mother! In all honesty, the best relationship advice that the Average American has to give will not come from a psychic, the internet, or even a mother.

The best relationship advice that anyone would ever be able to give has to come from someone who fully understands the wants, needs, and priorities of the member in the relationship. This is why the best advice cannot be given by a friend or a coworker. Although it may sound cliché, the best advice that anyone has to give needs to come from the person themselves. No one else, no matter how in-the-know or filled in on your relationship they may seem to be, will never fully comprehend all of your mixed emotions and how you feel at any particular moment in time. For this reason, no one can offer you better relationship advice aside from yourself.

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