SinglesNet takes the guesswork out of searching through online dating member profiles. With its concentration on region-specific dating, simply typing in a region or zip code matches members with their best potential matches, based on SinglesNet’s own proprietary matching system. Members have nothing more to do than choose the match that’s right for them.

Site URL:
Year Established: 1998
Regions Served: Worldwide
Number of Members: 14 Million
Free Membership? Yes
Premium Membership? Yes
Relationship Types:
• Unspecified
Search by:
• Distance, City and Zip Code
• Who’s Online
Member Viewing Tools
• Photos
• Profile
• Who’s Online
Communication Tools:
• Who’s Online Now
• Email
• Flirt
Matching Tools
• Matches based on user’s search criteria Sent by Email
• Matches based on Region or Zip Code
Site Features:
• Personal Email
• Premium Matchmaking Service
• User-Friendly Simplicity
• 30-Second Free Sign Up

Customer Support: Yes

Special Offers:
• Free Basic Membership
• Refund Offered to Unsatisfied Members

SinglesNet has consistently been one of the most popular dating sites because of its ease of use. The site lets members use all of their time spent on the site in reviewing their matches, rather than complicated searching or putting together videos or other media communications. Members can communicate with the Flirt function simply by choosing from among a few different pre-selected, simple messages. Members can use this to tell members that they like a member’s profile essay or photo, that they would like to talk or simply to just say hello. The ease of use means that members don’t have to spend their time writing messages or worrying about what message would be the best way to contact someone for the fist time- all the work is done for them by SinglesNet. The only thing a member has to do after that is wait for a response to their message. The simplicity of the site’s communication makes it the perfect site for first-time online daters and those who have little time to devote to searching and communicating with their potential dates. Very little time can be spent on the site, but thanks to its millions of members, many matches are there just waiting to be found.

Another facet of the site’s simplicity is the easy searching function. Members input their profiles, with a short questionnaire about themselves and what they want in a date, along with their profile essay similar as use on adultfrienedfinder app. Nothing else has to be done in order to find the perfect match. The site has its own complex system of matchmaking that allows it to find your matches based on a quick and easy search function. Simply type in your zip code or the region that you want your date to be from, and the system comes up with your best matches for you. There is also a function to see the members who are currently online, making it easy to find someone to contact right away and get a fast response. Or, members can contact members who aren’t online and wait to hear from their potential dates. Whichever way a member chooses to communicate, whether through a Flirt or an email, every communication through SinglesNet is fast and easy to do. Even the sign up is simple with a 30-second sign-up sheet that allows an immediate free membership. Join SinglesNet to get started quickly and start seeing matches right away.

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