Smile Helping You Attract Women

Smile Helping You Attract Women

ometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference in attracting or not attracting women.

Take for instance a man smiling or not smiling at women.

Both ways have the power to attract women, however success depends on the mans approach.

Not smiling works when a man is at a point in his life where he really does not want to be bothered and could care less about women.

Some women are attracted to this type of man and it can not be faked, men who want women and use this method will find themselves lonely most of the time.

Smiling on the other hand works if you are approaching women and are open to the idea of meeting women.

Almost all women will fall for a man on adultfrinendfinder who has a smile on his face as he is looking in her eyes and approaching.

As if that wasn’t enough putting a smiling on your face is something that every man can do no matter his mood, unless of course you do not want to be bothered.

Now as you are reading this you might find yourself thinking that this is and was a rather obvious statement.

Yet how many times do you see guys and perhaps even yourself walking around without a smile on their face in the clubs.

At most you will see one or two and ironically they are the ones that all the women are talking to or at least seem to be having a good time.

Most guys walk into the club with their cool face and attitude and end up going home alone.

Mainly because a man who doesn’t smile either is the coolest guy in the club or has major issues, and unless you have a woman already on your side most women are going to think you have issues.

Of course some women do find men with issues to be very sexy and might approach you, when that happens it is important that you maintain your cool façade and not smile or show her signs of interest.

If you do show a woman who likes men with issues a smile or signs of interest she is going to realize that your issue is in being a man and 9 out of 10 women only like men.

In the end the choice is yours you can smile and get women or not smile and hope women get you.

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