Tell-tale signs your ex wants you back

Tell-tale signs your ex wants you back

Do you still have strong feeling for your ex but don’t know if they feel they feel the same way about you? Well in this article I am going to reveal some tell-tale signs that will indicate whether or not they want to get back with you, so you can decide if he or she is really the right person for you.

If your ex display any of these behaviour you can be sure that they are interested in getting back with you.

The still want to be in constant contact with you

They first thing you should look out for is if they want to be in constant contact with you. They find every and any excuse to call, email, and text or even be with you. They more frequently they do this the more interested they are in getting back to you.

I know because this is what Kasim did for Cherry. He was always calling to find out if she was alright, wanting to do her favours and even hinting that he should help her with her university dissertation.

Believe me if someone is not interested in you they will try to maintain contact or take any interest in doing things for you. This brings me to the second point.

They show a lot of interest in your social and personal life

They want to find out if you are going out and having fun. They want to know if you have any new persons in your life. They may even want to know who this person is.

These are powerful indication that they still want to be number 1 in your life and fear they may lose you all together to someone else.

You may even find that he or she gets very jealous easily.

If they find out that you are seeing someone else you may notice they get jealous, angry and even very critical of the person you are seeing. They cannot believe you put yourself with someone like that. They feel you deserve much better. And who would that better person be? You guessed right – your ex would more than happily volunteer to be back in that position.

Another strong indicator that your ex want you back is:

He talks allot of the great times you have had together – down memory lane strategy

Your ex will always use friendly conversation to bring up something wonderful that happened between both of you in the past when you met with the help of adultfrienedfinder app ios. This is to help bring back nostalgic feelings which in turn should help you to regret breaking in up. They want to relive the great times you have had in the past.

They are using this to find out how you feel and determine if there is a possibility that get back with you.

Well if you want a great relationship and feel that this is the right person for you then you can use these pointers to get back with your ex.

However, if you feel you need to move on and find a wonderful relationship do not let these distract you.

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