The Dating Runway – How To Dress for Your First Date

The Dating Runway – How To Dress for Your First Date

Don’t Forget The Wardrobe — What You Wear Can Set You Up For Dating Success

When it comes to a first date, most people put so much thought into the location they don’t put enough consideration on the more important issue: The outfit.

A first date above all else is a first impression. It’s the dating interview where you get to learn what you like, and what you don’t like, about the person you’re on the date with, and your outfit plays a major role in the impression you make.

If you’re about to step out on a first date, don’t forget to do this crucial 5-point-checklist before you go!

1) Make Sure The Heel Isn’t Too High

Sure every woman feels super-sexy with the help of adultfrienedfinder app and in an ultra-high-heel, but you need to think about how your date is going to feel! Men on the shorter side of the scale have a tendency to harbor insecurities about their height, and they may not be able to stack up to you the way they want if you’re towering over them in your new Manolo’s. Instead of going with a heel, opt for a cute and comfortable flat. Not only will you avoid making him feel uncomfortable, but you’ll be ready for whatever the date throws at you! Whether he asks you to join him on a walk through the park, an extended visit at the art museum, or to simply take your coffees to-go, your flats will be a much more suited companion for any impromptu plans he has than your heels will!

2) Draw Your Attention To Your Face, Not Your Chest

There’s nothing like having the chance to show off your ladies in a low-cut sweater, but his mind should be on conversation, not cleavage, on a first date. When you’re getting dressed, take a second to ask yourself if the outfit makes you feel ‘pretty’ versus feeling ‘sexy’. If you think there’s enough va-va-voom in your outfit to have sex on his mind all night, change into something a little more subtle. You want him to concentrate on who you are, not what you’re wearing.

3) Know What You’re Doing And Dress Accordingly.

Nothing’s as embarrassing as showing up to a rock-climbing date in your brand new Calvin Kline dress. Always be sure to ask your date before hand what you’re doing so you can plan your attire accordingly. If he says you’ll be outside, break out your cutest knit hat. If he says you’ll be at a nice restaurant, make a stop at Bloomingdales and see what you can find that will be dinner-appropriate. They say real-estate is all about location, location, location, and so should your outfits!

4) Be comfortable.

So he says he’s going to teach you how to surf. Perfect! It’ll be a great excuse to show off your new bikini bod. But if you spend all your time in the water making sure those tiny-triangles you call a bikini aren’t going to give you a Tara Reid caliber nip-slip, you’re not going to enjoy the date. No matter what the date entails, make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing so you can enjoy the date. Sure that super-tight dress will look smoking hot, but is it worth wearing if you know you’re going to spend your whole night sucking in your stomach to make sure it looks just right? Of course not. Dress comfortably and give yourself the opportunity to be comfortable in the conversation and in your clothes.

5) Be confident!

I can’t believe I’m wearing stilettos to a baseball game. Does my butt look too big in these jeans? I knew I should have worn a different sweater… The most important thing when choosing an outfit is to make sure you’re confident in it! Whether it’s a casual sweater or your best ball gown, feeling good is the most important step to looking good! Make sure that your outfit is going to let you feel your best so you can strut your stuff and feel good while doing it!

Love isn’t about looks, but looks are a big key to feeling confident, and confidence is a very attractive trait. Make sure you give yourself a strong advantage and look your best to feel your best!

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