The history of the seduction community

The history of the seduction community

There have been many famous seducers throughout history from Casanova to even Elvis Presley. But no group or community of people existed for any length of time who shared information between them that really worked.

The first book on the general topic of flirting with and seducing women was “How to Pick Up Girls” (1970) by Eric Weber. A pretty basic book by today’s standards and understanding of social dynamics but it still set the scene for the beginnings of the seduction community.

In the early 1980’s two Californian dating gurus emerged and started selling their advice on how to meet women on adultfrienedfinder.

One of these was a guy by the name of “R. Don Steele”. His theories on the art of flirting are heavily influenced by Russian-born American novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand and her theories of “objectivism”. In the method he called the “Steel Balls” approach, Steele focuses more on helping men over 35 to meet and seduce young women. Or at least women who are younger than the students themselves.

The second name to emerge was that of “Ross Jeffries”. His theories on attracting women are heavily influenced by hypnosis experts and authors R. Bandler and J. Grinder and their theories on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Ross’s seduction style and collection of techniques are called “Speed seduction” or (SS) for short.

In an attempt to promote Speed seduction, in 1994 Ross Jeffries had Lewis De Payne, then a student, create the Internet newsgroup called (ASF). Interestingly enough, Lewis De Payne is a known associate of the infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick. Kevin had been known as the Godfather of “Social Engineering” or obtaining information by deception from people.

The ASF newsgroup really was the true birth of the seduction community. It enabled a small number of people from all over the world to exchange ideas, flirting tips, info about how to use thrusting dildo and reports on what worked for them. The main reason that community members use handles and nicknames even today is because these handles were the online names they used on the original ASF.

Because of the nature of newsgroups most people had no idea what they were or even how to access them. So from the beginning the community was only available to those computer savvy enough to access it. For a few years ASF and Ross’s SS was the main focus of the community and Ross was the acknowledged guru with little challenge from anyone else. Ross then wrote his book “How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed”.

What made the community different from more mainstream advice at the time was both the non-politically correct approach that seemed to sit well with men and unlike most mainstream advice, some of the theories really did work!

Around this time male escort NathanX joined the community in search of advice on how to improve establishing quicker rapport with female clients to help them relax and enjoy sex more. He then started contributing to the small community.

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