The more eminine a woman is, the more she naturally projects that ultimate essence of woman

The more eminine a woman is, the more she naturally projects that ultimate essence of woman

This polarity issue is THE core reason beneath our attraction to anyone. Likes cannot mate with likes, two females cannot create life nor perpetuate the species. Nor can two males. We’re programmed to recognize and be compelled to the opposites. This is encoded into us and we cannot change it. It’s the reason ultra feminine women do not find effeminate males sexually compelling at all – we require a balance of this male/female polarity for the sole purpose of mating and evolution. We subconsciously recognize proper suitors as being the polar opposite of who and what we are. The active/masculine and passive/feminine polarity is required for mating, creating, sustaining, perpetuating and evolving life. We were all designed to recognize our proper opposites. This is also at the core of why we are attracted to some people and not to others.

The intimidation issue, especially the sexual intimidation issue is a classic, classic depiction of the above compulsion…but we still decode those desires and urges into conscious thoughts and knowings based on our individual self experiences. When we do not understand something – especially a powerful attraction to another person of off sight alone – we feel instinctively threatened by it, and will either “fight or flight”. Those people who are confident will be able to fight, to immediately proceed to try to understand it, harness it, apprehend the fear, rationalize and even try to degrade it in order to remove the threat. Other people will just bail. Those people lack the confidence needed to follow through on a natural attraction. The fear is so overwhelming and confounding that their instinct is RUN! or DON’T! They won’t behave the same as other people less threatened would…they’re immobilized or they play it off as no big deal, but they’re scared of it.

The sexuality issue goes straight back to the presence of the urge to find a mate on adultfriendrfinder…and the more sexual you are by your presence, the more people who lack it will be drawn to it – they’re compelled to it. The more sexual and feminine a woman is, the more she naturally projects that ultimate essence of woman that ALL masculine men cannot help but be attracted to. Has nothing to do with the female herself. The more sexual and dominant a man is, the more he naturally projects the essence of man that ALL feminine women cannot help but be drawn to, regardless of the guy’s character or personality. It’s not a personality type like “submissive or dominant”. This is core essence of Man and Woman.

This is why looks don’t have squat to do with it. Your level of confidence is irrelevant. It’s that you have personally evolved your own natural maleness, so that it emanates from you like a radar to women everywhere…women might think you’re an ugly, but confident bonehead, and still cannot really understand why, bonehead or not, they’d do you in 0.1 second. It’s not a conscious responce to you. It’s completely subconscious compulsion. The attraction is naturally compelled and it’s not going anywhere, regardless of what kind of person you turn out to be.

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