The Pard night vision device

The Pard night vision device

The Pard night vision device is a NV 007A 16mm/45mm with an integrated digital weapon sight. This experimental prototype was developed by a Swiss/French company for military and law enforcement as a smart solution to combine digital night vision technology with an additional optical sight.

The hybrid GEN III Pard night vision device is currently mounted on the standard Swiss military assault rifle SIG SG 550, but can be fitted to any weapon with Picatinny rail.

The Pard NV 007A digital night vision monocular is equipped with a high resolution color camera and an integrated digital day sight, the so-called “day optic” or optical weapon sight (OWS). The design of this unique device allows for engaging targets in close combat situations while seeing their surroundings in real time due to the large field of view (FOV) on the video monitor. With the press of a button, both images – that from the camera and that from the day optic – are transferred on one screen. This enables you to observe and shoot at any moment while your main focus stays on target.

This innovation permits faster target acquisition while maintaining accuracy under all light conditions by employing a dual way to see the target.

The GEN II Pard night vision device is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that can be recharged in-field when attached to the day optic, allowing for continuous use.

Additionally, when mounted on weapons with integrated rails, it can also be used as hand-held equipment without being fixed onto another device via its standard tripod socket. Other features of this all-in-one device are an impact resistant aluminum alloy housing and waterproofing to 40 meters depth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : Do I need two eyes while shooting under NV? A : Yes you do . The binocular vision supports your shooting performance since field of view provides better stability for aiming especially at long range targets. At short distances you get a better depth perception and can detect smaller objects.

Q : Is the Pard NV 007A Digital Night Vision Monocular compatible with mounting system from other manufacturers? A : Yes it is, due to standard rail on top of the device.

Q : Can I activate the day optic without turning on digital night vision? A : No, you cannot . You have to turn on both devices simultaneously.

Q : Can I see around corners or into tight spaces with this device? A : The Pard NV 007A Digital Night Vision Monocular offers very good visibility in front of the device but does not allow light compensation at sides or behind its user. However, an accessory which will be introduced next year will enable a peripheral view at the very edges of the monitor.

Q : Can I use both devices, i.e. digital night vision and day optic, at same time? A : No you cannot . You have to switch between them with separate buttons on the integrated control panel on the device housing. That means that during operation you can either see what is happening through your rifle scope (digital optical weapon sight) or via live video feed from camera (video monitor).

Q : What type of batteries does it use? A: The Pard NV 007A Digital Night Vision Monocular runs on rechargeable lithium ion batteries with an autonomy of about six hours under normal conditions.

In Switzerland, the company Pard has developed a dual device that allows users to observe their environment both during the day and at night. This equipment combines a digital night vision monocular with a telescopic sight on one housing. In this article we describe some of its main characteristics. The optical system forms two images simultaneously by binocular vision: one in the direct view from the camera, the other in an indirect view through an optic placed above. Both can be displayed on a monitor for simultaneous observation and shooting while maintaining full attention on the target.

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