Tipping Point Interview

Tipping Point Interview

So, Lance, I know that you’re here on the line so well let’s start off. What is it that you’d like to talk about with DayGame and building connection with women and just dating in general?

Lance: Well, Andy, I think those are the three just real hot topics that I’m really focused on. You know, we talked a lot about a lot of things since we’ve been working together here now for three years. Thanks for sticking with me all this time.

Andy: Thanks.

Lance: I know it’s been… We’ve been working hard here some weeks. But, we talked about a lot of different skills. We’ve talked about, you know, body language and what to say to women and how to really manage multiple women and all kinds of different topics that we’ve taught.

But, I’m really excited about this combination in particular because I think when you know how to meet women on adultfrienedfinder app during the day and you know how to build a real intense connection with them even in just 15 minutes or less and you know what to do on the first date, I really think you’ve given a guy the whole package to really get off and running.

And just immediately start getting more choice with women, just right away. And, you know, the other skills, if he has great body language, great. And if he can have long real intriguing conversations with women, great. But even if he doesn’t have those skills he’s still getting dates and he’s still making progress. So, that’s why I’m so excited about this particular combination, why I’ve really been focused on it for years, I think I’ve been focused on these techniques. It’s been real exciting.

Andy: Well, one thing that just kind of intrigued me was when I started working for you the big thing was just going out at night and hitting all the nightclubs, doing the whole thing like that. What happened to going out in bars?

Lance: What happened to going out in bars? It’s still a great thing to do. Bars are a great place to learn certain skills and I love teaching guys in the bars. If you’re talking about learning to make a really smooth approach or learning how to perfect your body language or learning how to open and start conversations with women bars are the best place because you can practice them over and over and over again. You just really repeat the process, so it’s great, it’s great thing learning in bars, and it’s great to practice those skills in bars because, you know, women will tell you if your approach isn’t tight. They’ll tell you if your body language is bad.

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