Typical Relationship Horror Story

Typical Relationship Horror Story

Here’s a warning to all of my readers:

You may sleep with a girl’s body, but when it comes to a long-term relationship, you marry her character!

You think you have trouble tolerating her attitude and character now…but you’re resisting breaking up because you do not want to stop having sex with that hot body?

Just wait till the drama gets WORSE and you’re STUCK with her FOR GOOD. (As for that hot body, just wait till she starts EATING lots once she has got you roped in!)

As a dating coach, it is sad for me to see so many men who come to me for help ten or twenty years after marrying the wrong women they met on adultfrinendfinder.com login.

When you are young and green, you may be excited to start a relationship with a drama queen, a depressed princess, or a chronic bitch because she’s flaming hot.

You may even marry the “first girl who comes along” without really considering the consequences.

You have sex with a woman, get addicted to her hot body, and want to keep the relationship going just because you don’t want to go sexless again.

You keep telling yourself that when the right woman comes along – someone with your girlfriend’s body AND a better personality – you will dump your girlfriend for the other girl.


This way, you can have sex until you find a nice girl to settle down with.

But somewhere along the way, you find that eventually you cannot leave the relationship anymore.

You know that her problems are getting worse and worse and there is more and more drama in the relationship.

But you’ve been with her for a few years now…and you think you can help her with her problems.

It is your duty as her boyfriend to take care of her, all of a sudden, she cheats on you; you can’t imagine how it could have happened.

All you know is that the other guy is a jerk, and you REALLY want to save her from him.

After a few months of drama, the other guy suddenly drops out of the picture. There’s been a lot of tension in your relationship and she is not sure if things are going to workout.

Next thing you know, you’ve pulled out the engagement ring and asked her to marry you.

And twenty years later, you end up searching for relationship advice on the search engine and find Marius Panzarella.

This is *seriously* how many of my clients find me. The story above is the archetypical case story that I have to work on EVERY WEEK, if not EVERY DAY!

Make sure it doesn’t happen to you…


Your whole life’s happiness depends on it!

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