What If A Woman Keeps Talking On The Cellphone While On A Date

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What If A Woman Keeps Talking On The Cellphone While On A Date

ot so long ago I received a question from a reader who asked, “A few days ago I went on a date with this stunningly beautiful women.

But her cell phone kept going off and it was annoying. I didn’t want to say anything because I did not want to offend her but at the same time I felt very uncomfortable with all the incoming calls. What should I have done?”

Here is what I would have done:

I would have looked at the woman, smiled, and asked her if she has a very important business meeting the next day – all in a playful but sarcastic tone.

Most of the time, the woman should “get it” and turn her cell phone off.

But if your date turns out to be a clueless woman (or if she’s using the opportunity to test you) and gives you an innocent answer like, “No…It’s just my friends” without making an effort to turn her phone off, then simply say, “Oh…okay then.”

Then reach over and turn her phone off for her!

If she bitches about it, tell her she’s hanging out with you and you’ll make sure she has a fun night without talking to her friends for two hours.

And if she STILL throws a tantrum after that, it’s time to end the date right there. She is not the kind of woman you want to date anyway.

Remember, boys: You deserve respect from women !

Should You Watch A Romantic Movie On A First Date

A dating myth that I hear all the time is that you should take a woman to a romantic comedy on a first date.

I disagree.

Think about it.

So you’re with a woman from adultfrienedfinder that you’re trying to flirt with and “make your move on”.

But on the screen is an actor who’s doing the exact same thing -only he’s better-looking and much more charming.

So when you try to slide your hand down her back like the actor is doing, it’s going to feel extra awkward because you’re doing the exact “cheesy” thing to “seduce” her – except you’re not as hot.

Furthermore, going to a movie is generally bad for a first date. You don’t really get to talk, and you feel awkward as you walk out of the theatre. Do you go for a coffee or a walk to a movie, or do you just go home since it’s getting late?

Nevertheless, if you do want to see a movie on a first date, try to see a horror movie. It’s like the equivalent of taking a girl through a haunted house.

You’ll raise her body temperature, get her blood pumping, and get her to want you to “protect” her.
Then you can tease her about getting scared to show your “masculinity”, and finally advance physically with her as you hug her and make everything okay!

This is just one example of why conventional wisdom (including what your mother, sister, or female friends have taught you) is not always right.

What we “think” should work, such as taking a girl to a romantic movie, is not always the “right” thing to do.

In fact, it’s always what we should NOT do.

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