What Leaning Back Communicates To A Woman

What Leaning Back Communicates To A Woman

Ask almost any Body Language expert what leaning back communicates to a woman that you are talking to and almost all tell you it communicates a certain amount of disinterest and lack of concern in the conversation involved.

They also will tell you that when trying to make a good first impression you should avoid leaning back for those exact same reasons.

However, when it comes to attracting women, leaning back is perhaps one of the most powerful things you can do.

If a woman likes you and is interested in what you have to say, your leaning back will cause her to lean in more to hear what you have to say.

If a woman is neutral in regards to her interest in you she still must act as if she likes you and lean in to determine if she might like you.

As for women on adultfrinendfinder who don’t like you, it will be easier to know which ones they are when they aren’t leaning in and are more than likely leaning back as well.

In other words, when you lean back most women, whether they realize it or not, will reveal the amount of interest they really have in you.

The more they lean in as you lean back the greater amount of interest they have in you which you can then decide to turn into attraction or not.

If she too is leaning back you can lean in to see if she follows; if she does then her interest is great, if she doesn’t then odds are she isn’t interested in you.

Since you have better things to do than waste your time with a woman who isn’t interested, leaning back allows you to discover that much more quickly as well.

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