What men find attractive about a woman

What men find attractive about a woman

When discussing attraction,  we will not be focusing about what guys are lusting for. It’s possible for a man to be attracted to a female physically without having any sort of feelings for her. These types of feelings are very basic and are generally focus purely on looks. This article will focus more about the qualities guys are looking for when seeking a woman to be in a relationship with.

1) The guys who were surveyed said that those females who take themselves too seriously were not as attractive as those who seemed playful and know how to have fun. Guys want a woman who can be flirtatious and knows how to have a good time. It shows that you love life. However, it’s important not to confuse playful with silly. Women who were viewed as being silly appeared as if they were just trying to get attention.

2) This one is going to be obvious, but men find a beautiful woman to be sexy. What this means, however may not be as obvious since ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, however we did find a general consensus of what men mean.

  1. Guys want a woman to dress in a style that can accentuate and flatter her figure
  2. A woman should put some effort into grooming, ie. taking your time to do your hair, putting on some makeup, etc.
  3. Men want a woman to care how she is perceived when going out, even if the look you are going for is simple and laid back

3) Men are looking for a woman that can understand how a guy thinks and functions. There are times that guys just need their space and to be left alone. A woman who knows when those times are and can leave a man to pursue his passions are keepers. You will definitely make yourself irresistible to your man and he’ll love you more for it.

Remember, in the end that there’s a guy for every woman out there, so just take your time, relax, and you’ll be sure to find the right one.

10 Lies Heard On A First Date

  • Wow. That’s fascinating!
  • Abstinence works for me – Even if by chance you have the entire basketball team on your cell phone’s speed dial or you’ve slept with more people than Tiger Woods, you don’t have to come off as a sexual hound on the first date or come off as a sex hound.
  • Teacup pig – my favorite pet – they’re cute and really do make for good pets, so just play along
  • I agree. Mini-breaks at romantic bed and breakfasts are FUN
  • I want to settle down too
  • I’ve always been interested in learning all about fantasy football – Even if you aren’t interested in whatever topic they are talking about, if it’s something that they are obviously into, you should feign at least some interest, at least in the beginning.
  • Tell me again about how you found your shoes – just read the above, except guys, this is especially important for you to listen because you’ll definitely be quizzed by the end of the date.
  • You’re right: Love is everything – Perhaps you don’t really think they are right but if you’re totally into this person and are hoping for it to continue, than arguing about it isn’t the way to go. Instead, try I agree followed by however to put in your point of view if it’s really important, or you can just move on. Remember though, it’s always nice to hear that someone agrees with your viewpoint, so if the topic that you disagree with your date isn’t important to you, just nod your head and concur.
  • Of course, I’m having a wonderful time – So perhaps you are only having an okay time at best, but if it looks like your date is actually having a fantastic time, than as opposed to breaking their heart right there and then, why not tell them you’re having a great time as well. Of course you don’t want to lead them on, so make sure to break it off cleanly, but also remember that sometimes when people are nervous they don’t put forward their best foot, so it might be good to give them a second chance if you like them. Check out this advice for how to break off a date gracefully if it doesn’t work out in the end.
  • I noticed you right away

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