Why keep on dating?

Why keep on dating?

Once the initial excitement of hooking up with your partner is over, it can be difficult to come up with romantic date ideas that you haven’t both done together a bajillion times.

How many movies can you go see, meals in ‘our favorite place’ can you eat, and walks in your local park can you have before it’s no longer romantic and just becomes normal hum-drum? It doesn’t take long, and then you either keep on flogging a dead horse with those options until you start going to see movies neither of you are interested in, despising the entire menu in your ex-favorite-place and grumpily marching around that freakin’ park OR you stop having any dates in favor of ‘nights-in’ which involve one of you watching TV while the other checks their Blackberry like shown in this adultfrienedfinder app review. Either way – not good.

Plenty of relationships fall apart not because you fall out of love, but because ‘the magic was gone’, which is another way of saying one or both of you stopped trying. The lack of dates can spread to a lack of communicating, then neither of you is getting anything out of the relationship. So I hope this is getting through – continuing to put the effort into thinking up romantic date ideas is worth it!

But… but… having romantic date ideas is tough on my brain..

It only feels like coming up with romantic ideas for dates is hard because we’re fed a constant soap opera and movie diet of skywriter planes doing loop-the-loops to spell ‘Marry Me Chad’, or guys parachuting out of a plane with a rose in their mouth and an engagement ring in their pocket, or composing a song and playing it to your partner in front of room full of family and friends. Most of us, thankfully, do not live on that planet.

Romantic date ideas can mean different things to different people. When some of us think of romance, we immediately conjure up amazing images of those grandiose gestures while others have a decidedly more intimate idea of what constitutes romance. And the good thing is there is no right or wrong; it’s all about what works for you and the one you love.

As I mentioned here often the small, simple yet meaningful ideas are better than the big ones that you read are good but just don’t suit your partner. The same goes for dates. I’ve looked at our options for romantic dates at home and elsewhere in these articles in more detail, so have a read and hopefully they’ll get your creative juices flowing and help take the stress out of just coming up with ideas of how to spend quality time with your partner and show them you care.

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