Women who use their looks to lure men in

Women who use their looks to lure men in

Hey guys,

Now this blog originated following a recent session with a student, who wanted to know how to game the pretty young thing at the front of house of a trendy London bar. The Door Whore if you will. It seemed that there are many misconceptions about the approach to attracting such a lady and so I set myself the arduous task to try to set the record straight.

The Door Whore is known as a “Hired Gun” in the words of the ancients, that is a woman who is employed in such a role because of her beauty/hotness, who much like the sirens of Greek mythology, use their looks to lure men in (usually to spend cash as opposed to their deaths).

This invites a number of important considerations in the approach to attract such a girl.

By the way, the following principles of “Hired Gun Game” can also be used to attract shot girls, hostesses or even dancers in Strip Clubs if one is so inclined to frequent such a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

1. Initial disqualification.

Firstly always remember that a hired gun is hit on all the time every day, to the extent that sadly, it is part of the job. So in order that you are not just another horny punter, we should start by not being another horny punter. In her environment, she will always have higher value than you (unless you are a big movie star) so hitting on her initially will put you in the same category as everyone else similar as on adultfrinendfinder. And because she will have higher value than you, an indirect approach will work better than direct. So have a justification for being there other than the usual one, perhaps one which also gives you more value than everyone else; so be a friend of the DJ, be scouting the place to hold an event etc.

This has two purposes: it shows that you are not a threat, and it demonstrates that her usual “powers” will not work on you and so disarms her.

2. Reward and punishment.

Now you have established you are not a threat, she can let her guard down. What we need to do here is to get to know her as a “regular girl.” I say “regular” because in some hired gun situations such as strippers, girls have their alter egos with stage names (Candy anyone?) and a fake sexy personality to interact with sleazy guys.(Really, I thought she was really into me??).

So we use a principle known in psychology as operant conditioning, which is that people are more likely to do things that they are rewarded for and less likely to do things they are punished for, and thus involves the modification of voluntary or operant behaviour.

So in addition to the usual social interaction, you reward her for “regular girl” behaviour such as telling you her real name (maybe some light kino or validation) and punish alter ego behaviour (such as not taking her seriously). By the way, it should be noted while we are on the subject, that kino from a hired gun is an unreliable indicator of interest. It should be punished.

3. Establish one time only.

Once you have broken down the shell of the hired gun, you should be having a normal fun conversation with a normal fun girl. As the conversation begins to flow, you can begin to introduce some light “meaningful” kino which can be escalated appropriately. It is helpful to try to establish a connection especially with commonalities (subjective and emotional) to demonstrate to the girl that this is a “one time only” deal. She will still logically be influenced by the implications of hooking up with someone through work and so she needs to be able to justify making an exception.

4. Demonstrate socially intelligent value (including the close).

When the interaction is moving towards the possibility of exchanging contact details or even going home together, it is important at this point to demonstrate social intelligence towards her situation i.e. it would be a big risk to her if she is caught being picked up at work and SHE MAY LOSE HER JOB. And no hook up is worth losing your job over. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. Sorry.

Talk to her about this. Point out that you don’t want to stop her doing her job. Calibrate the close. Figure out a fun, romantic way to exchange details. Get her to give you her name…I mean Facebook close her.(The other F close). Lead her into meeting you after her shift. Better yet, stay talking until she can get away and continue in a neutral venue.

This incidentally demonstrates your value, that you have experience with beautiful women who work for a living and that you are considerate to her needs.Not the drunk leery fuck who asks for her number in front of his mates.

That dear friends is just the tip of the iceberg. I have obviously skipped through much of the minutiae of regular game and stuck to the outline of the differences for this kind of interaction.

Email me with any Qs.

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