Women With Experience: The Benefits Of Dating An Older Woman

Women With Experience: The Benefits Of Dating An Older Woman

It has been reported that close to 35% of older women have a preference of dating younger men and that there are many young men out there who would prefer an older woman. “Older” in this case is defined as a minimum of a 10-year age gap. The women in the study stated that they were attracted to younger guys because of the spontaneity that they could bring to the relationship as well as an adventurous lifestyle.

The men in this study were attracted to older women because they felt that older women would make better lovers, have stable financial situations and are more mature.   These were only some of the positive aspects that were relayed by the men in this study when it came to why they wanted to date older women. Regardless of the reasoning, having a relationship with a huge age difference is no longer just for older ‘sugar daddies’ looking for young women. It’s starting to become more popular and accepted in society today for older women to date younger men…. and it’s about time for men to start recognizing the many advantages to being with an older woman, aka a cougar.

There are quite a few advantages to dating an older woman which might make you rethink your habit of going after that young graduate student around the bar for another day. Here are just a few benefits of being with an older woman.


One of the greatest aspects to dating an older woman is they aren’t searching for who they are. Unlike younger women who are still trying to get comfortable in their skin, older women are confident, grounded and self-assured.  Older women have a better appreciation for the truer things in life. They don’t feel the need to play head games and they know what they want. They don’t have the same materialistic ideals that are shoved down women’s throats through the various media channels. With an older woman you can have a deeper conversation with no need to worry about discussing what last happened on The OC.

Dating a cougar allows you to avoid a lot of the melodrama and mood swings that comes with dating a younger woman. A cougar knows what she wants, and in particular who she wants… lucky for you, just being a gentleman who is confident will get her wanting you. The guessing games disappear and the indulgence ensues.

Financially Independent

While this doesn’t apply to all older woman, the majority of those who are out on the prowl are have probably achieved some level of success in their career, so there will be less of a feeling of burden for you to pick up the tab every time you two go out which can serve as a great stress relief for any guy as it takes some of the pressure off your shoulder’s of having to financially support the entire relationship… who knows, with the right older woman, perhaps you’ll be treated to a nice weekend get away or big night out.

Her Sex Drive Is On Overdrive

A recent journal study came out from Texas which found that females in their 30′s and 40′s were significantly more sexual than their younger counterparts. The report showed that women in between the ages of 28 through 45 had more sexual fantasies, more intense sexual fantasies and more sex in general than women between the ages of 18 and 26. Not only that, but older women were more willing to have a one night stand or a no strings attached type of relationship (ie. casual sex) than younger women, so despite all those images of college girls gone wild, it’s the older women who are most sexual and willing to have fun.

Let’s Be Honest – You’ve Always Wanted To

For most young men it’s been a fantasy to be with an older women starting back in school when you noticed that hot teacher or your mom’s sexy friend. Either way it was probably a dream that you now have an opportunity to make come true. Allow yourself to indulge in the presence of an older woman and enjoy the pleasures that you can only get when dating a cougar.

Alison Brown, a divorced single mother in Toronto, and former Miss Cougar Canada sums it up best – “What I’ve noticed on dating sites today,” Brown says, “is that younger men are coming on to me, and it’s not just because we’re ‘easy marks’ for sex. It’s because we’re successful, intelligent, looking great, we don’t play games like so many of the younger girls they date and we’re great in bed.”

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