You Must Learn To Avoid Predictable Conversations

You Must Learn To Avoid Predictable Conversations

I went for a job interview the other day, and I made sure I was looking my best in a new suit & tie. Now I’m not naturally “good-looking”, but the fact is I do know how to stylize myself so that women notice me… and that was exactly what I was doing that day.

So I’m sitting at the managers desk, waiting for him to get off his phone and interview me, and I noticed several women eyeing me down… and I could tell that there was one particular girl similar to the one I met on adultfrienedfinder who wanted to approach me, which she did.

Well, she didn’t really “approach” me per say, but she did do the typical thing that women do when they’re interested in a guy. She created an “excuse” to come near me, hoping that I’d start a conversation with her. In this instance, her “excuse” to come near me was that she has a question for the manager.

Before going to the manager, she made eye contact with me and said “Hi”… so sure enough, I opened her and started a conversation with my usual cheeky comments.


Conrad: “So, you the hot-shot sales person round here?”

Her: “Haha, me? no!”

Conrad: “You’ve got a accent… that’s gotta help with the sales you know”

Her: “Yeah I wish”


As you can imagine, just by looking good, acting confident, and throwing a couple lines of cheeky dialogue, I had her attracted to me… and THAT’S how simple it can be.

The funny thing was, I could tell that she was very nervous, and she was lacking in her social skills… which reminded me of exactly how I used to be when I first started out approaching women.

All she could muster up for adding to her side of the conversation was something along the lines of:


Her: “So which recruitment agency are you going through?”


It was SUCH a predictable question (since everyone at the company went through a recruitment agency). She may as well have asked “So are you here for an interview?” or “Where are you from?” or any other commonly asked question. In fact, her workmates who were watching the situation and seeing her hit on me called out the answer for her.

Now there’s nothing wrong with asking predictable questions but in order to develop your social communication skills, you must learn to input conversation thats fun, exciting, unexpected, and away from the NORM like doing something similar to using thrusting vibrators.

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