You Must Stop With The Interview Questioning!

You Must Stop With The Interview Questioning!

There is simple concept that I want to show you, and just this principle will totally enhance your interactions with women 100 fold

Let me ask you, if I told you now that you had to go approach girl and  “pick her up”… what would be the first things that come out of your mouth?

Let me guess, you’d ask her QUESTIONS like the following:

  • “What’s your name?”
  • “So where are you from?”
  • “Oh, you’re from Germany… do you like it here?”
  • “So what do you do?”
  • “Umm… have you been here before?”
  • “How long have you been in town?”
  • “Do you live around here?”

And the list goes on… as you can tell, these are the typical questions that guys ask girls one after another, all in a row, simply because they have NOTHING else to say.

It might remind you of the game “20 questions”… simply because that’s exactly what it is.

These series of questions are what we call INTERVIEW QUESTIONING, and the only way to describe them is SUPER DORK LAME!

Nothing turns women off more than the standard routine of  interview questions that most guys on adultfrienedfinder give women just because they can’t think of any other way to communicate.

Whatever you do… learn to STOP this madness!

Probably 90% of guys revert to this form of interaction due to a lack of communication skills… and I see this crap happening every night I go to a bar… and it makes me cringe!

By learning to interact with minimal questioning, you’ll be on your way towards joining the 10% of guys that sleep with 90% of the women in the world!

Whats So Wrong With Asking Questions?

What’s wrong with asking questions is that you’re TAKING SOCIAL VALUE (or fun value) from the interaction. By asking a question, you’re requesting the girl for more exciting input into the conversation, just because YOU don’t have anything else to provide.

The thing is, you CAN ask questions but you must limit the amount of questions you ask, and seek to add as much conversation as possible.

In order to create ATTRACTION within a interaction, you must contantly keep adding SOCIAL VALUE into the interaction by adding conversation that adds more fun, exciting and emotional stimulation.

As a example, let’s say you meet a German girl that the bar:


You: Hey how are you doing tonight?

Girl: Good

You: Cool… so where are you from?

Girl: I’m from Germany

You: Really? How do you find it here?


CUT!… as you can see, the above conversation is nothing but BORING!

Now lets spice it up a little…


You: Hey! what happening, you’re not from here.

Girl: yeah, I’m from Germany.

You: NO WAY! I can’t talk to you!

Girl: What? why not?

You: You guys are just sex mad and always use thrusting vibrators… seriously, I have German ex… she STILL keeps calling me…

Girl: No, we’re not all like that

You: No, I’m serious… you guys like, go out at night with your spotlights, looking for guys.

Girl: Yeah sure… I do that ALL the time.

You: Haha! yes, the truth comes out!


As you can see, you want to look at diverse and interactive conversation compared to firing a bunch of interview questions. Now in the above sequence, I have used various conversation techniques like Role-Reversal and Emotional Communication but I’ll explain them in further posts to come as well as in the book that I’m in the process of writing.

For now, seek to minimize the number of questions you ask when you’re in a conversation with a girl… in fact, seek to use the 90/10 rule of conversation.

The 90/10 rule?

During the beginning of an interaction with a girl, you must look to input 90% of the conversation … while expecting  the girl provide 10% . What this means is that YOU must do most of the talking instead of the other way round.

The Alternative To Asking Questions

There is really only one alternative to asking quesitons… and that is to VOICE YOUR OPINIONS. What I mean by an “opinion” is any statement that is an expression of your thoughts, actions or feelings. So instead of asking asking a question, you can voice your opinion like with the following examples:

  • Wow, you look like you’re having fun! (Instead of “how are you doing?”).
  • You look like you’re from Germany (Instead of “where are you from?”).
  • I bet you come here often (Instead of “do you come here often?”).

I previously wrote an article on this topic of Voicing Your Opinions, which you should look at.

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