Your First Email Contact

Your First Email Contact

You may have a great personal ad with a wonderful smiling photo to attract attention, but things can still fall apart if you’re sending out the wrong message when you respond to emails or contact potential dates. Here are some pointers about your first email to insure sucess.

Eye Popping Subject Lines

If you fail to attract attention with your subject line, odds are that it will be passed over until later or even worse, deleted. Don’t waste this precious space with a generic ‘hi’ or use a template. The best way to stand out is by using something from the person’s profile in the line to show that you’ve actually read it. And a bit of wit or humor will go a long way toward getting noticed.

Greet with Enthusiasm

Once someone has decided to read your email, you have another chance to make a great impression with your greeting. Just like the subject line, make it personal and relevant to the person you’re contacting. Talking about the person you’re writing to is a proven way to get a better response.

The Body of Your E-Mail

Shared Interests and Purpose
Talk about what you have in common and what you’re looking for in a date. Express an interest in getting to know the person better by making references to their interests or hobbies. You don’t have to be an expert, just try to avoid being superficial and go deeper than just ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’.

A Bit About You
Although the focus of your email should be about the other person, don’t neglect to talk a bit about yourself. Share with them why you’re contacting them and positive attributes that you have to offer a date.

Ask for a Response
Ask questions– most people will respond with an answer– particularly if its on a subject they have an interest in.

Have a Relaxed and Honest Attitude

Some people try to portray the kind of person they think people want to meet. But the truth is, there’s someone for everyone even on adultfrienedfinder app. Don’t try to be someone you’re not– because in the long run you’ll eventually be discovered. A dishonest response will get you nowhere. Be honest about yourself and it will pay off.

Everyone Loves a Compliment!

Make a compliment– and make it sincere and meaningful. Flowery cliques make most of us groan, so use them sparingly and only if you mean it. It the person’s profile was humorous and you thought so, then say so.

Be Confident and Upbeat

We all enjoy being with people that are fun and comfortable with themselves. Speak in positive terms– the glass is half full vs. the glass is have empty. Don’t be afraid to express an opinion but be prepared to meet others who don’t share the same.

Don’t Overwrite

Most clicks on your e-mail are from people wanting a quick glance before they’ll commit to further communication. That being said, your e-mail shouldn’t read like novel. Keep it short, witty and informative. If you agree to communicate more, determine if e-mail is the preferred method.

Your Clear Intent

Without facial expressions and body language, the written word can be interpreted differently then you intend, if you’re not careful. Slang terms should be avoided and don’t use words that can sound like sexual innuendo.

Safety First

Get to know someone only through the dating site e-mail as it maintains your privacy. When meeting in person choose public places. Share your personal e-mail address, phone number and home address after you have determined that you feel safe with the person. People you meet online are strangers! Use caution as you would with any other stranger.

The Last Word

Your will be remembered by your creative writing and often the last sentence or salutation. So be creative and end with an eye-catching good-bye!

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