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The Speed Dating Game. What’s the Frigging Rush?

I know a bunch of guys who are addicted, for want of a better word, to the bar scene. Young, non committal, energetic, buck studs, as they like to call themselves. These lads enjoy going out on Friday and Saturday nights to have a skin full of drinks with their buddies or, failing that, random people, buying girls drinks and grinding among casual bodies on the dance floor. Occasionally these guys will bring a girl home, but it usually isn’t for a long, lasting, or meaningful relationship; they’re usually back at the bar the following weekend for more of the same. No, these guys are all for getting out there in the action and will not be wasting valuable pickup time looking for a free online dating service. The idea of speed dating to them is to quickly get out and to get acquainted with some pretty lass before someone beats them to it.

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